This Artist Is Putting Disney Princesses On the Red Carpet & Runway

Photographer and illustrator Gregory Masouras has the perfect Instagram feed for anyone’s inner fashion-forward princess.

The Greek artist curates pics of whatever fashion event is dominating the news, then meticulously pastes Disney princesses’ heads on top of the celebs in the photos. So he’ll replace a Blake Lively with a Belle, a Cindy Crawford with a Cinderella, and so on.

He even used Galore’s Ruby Rose shoot as inspiration recently.

We had to know more about this ongoing project, so we talked to Greg about his feed. Follow him at @greg_gr.

What are you working on lately?

Well, my latest project, which happens to be one of my favorites is “Animation in Reality vs. MET Gala.” I think it’s lovely to see all these childhood favorite characters walk on the red carpet and do all the things regular celebrities do. If you give it a thought, cartoons were the first “celebrities” we encountered in our lives, so it’s only fair to give them some space in our adult life. There is no specific norm that I follow when creating my animations. Sometimes I am inspired by the character/aura of the celebrity, sometimes by his/her style that matches the cartoon’s, and there are also the times that I focus on humor and spontaneity.

How did you get started doing this?

Everything started two years ago, when I bought my new smartphone. I was checking out the camera, taking pictures from all over Athens when I came across a cloud that looked like the Batman logo. The moment I started editing this photo the idea was born in my mind!

Why do you think the internet loves Disney princesses so much?

It’s not just the Internet, everybody loves a little royalty especially when combined with high fashion.

What do Disney princesses and celebrities have in common?

As I said before Disney princesses were our childhood’s celebrities. I would like to help the now-adult audience to be able to follow their once favorite celebs in contemporary situations and thus make them a little bit nostalgic of an “innocence lost” era, which with a little bit of imagination is not that lost after all. You just have to take a look at my Instagram!

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