ANTM’s Alli Harvard is now making magical art

Alli Harvard is a two-time America’s Next Top Model alumni, and she currently is obsessed with growing her Etsy store.

Alli loves to customize denim jackets with her illustrations, and she eventually hopes to expand her shop to more of her artwork as well. She still models constantly, she’s a mega-blonde and knows how to maintain it, and she is loving creating with new mediums of art.

Check out our interview with her below, along with these magical photos taken by Sequoia Emmanuelle!

Top & Skirt: Christian Cowan, Hat: Rinaldy Yunardi, Earrings & Ring: House of Emmanuele, Choker: Ada Zanditon

Can you explain to us what you sell on your Etsy shop?

Vintage and hand painted pieces! I am in the beginning stages of creating my hand painted denim jacket line. I love being able to marry fashion and art, plus, it’s all one of a kind.

How did you first get into the Etsy world, and what made you get into working with denim?

I used to sell my art prints on Etsy 100 years ago. Denim has always been my favorite thing to wear, and I love the way paint takes to it. It only gets more beautiful with age.

Top: Elisabetta Franchi, Pants: Dyspnea, Belt: Kaimin, Glasses: ASOS, Ring: House of Emmanuele, Earrings: Forever 21, Shoes: Thom Solo

What other denim pieces are you looking to include on your Etsy?

Eventually I would love to branch out into all kinds of clothing items and accessories.

Who is the best brand/designer you’ve modeled for and why?

One of my favorites will always be Bench (Asia/Philippines). We did a bunch of campaigns together and they were one of the first brands to believe in my artwork ­– enough to do a collaboration with me. They will always be very close to my heart.

You’ve been the runner-up on America’s Next Top Model twice. What was it like competing on the show? How did it affect you competing alongside so many people with the same goal?

I am very proud to have lost the most times in history. Cycle 12 was wild. I was so young and I truly had no idea what I was doing.  I honestly had no business even being there but I am so glad I was. The competition really forces you to grow as a person because you are living in a very intense bubble. It was a fantastic learning experience.

Faux Fur Stole: Elisabetta Franchi

You seem to be a big fan of Epione’s skincare from the Dr. Simon Ourian. What do you get done there and does it hurt? What’s the process like?  

I love Epione and Dr. Ourian is the best. I tried my very first laser at Epione called Coolaser. The actual laser barely hurt but you need a week of recovery time! Be prepared to look like a tomato for a little bit. I looked like Hollow Man on day 3 but it was totally worth it.  My pores are much smaller and the texture/pigment of my skin is so nice now. Skincare is so important. Always moisturize!

What artists and creatives influence your personal style?

Nirvana and Hole will always be 2 of my favorite bands. They had such a profound impact on me as a kid. Their music, album art, videos, and overall aesthetic are, in my opinion, timeless and impactful. The music video for Hole’s, “Violet” changed my life. KRK Ryden and Wayne White are two of my favorite artists. There is a documentary called “Beauty is Embarrassing,” which features the life of Wayne White and it’s one of the most fantastic things I’ve ever seen.

Bolero Jacket & Belt: Kaimin, Bodysuit: Sparkl Fairy Couture, Bracelet & Ring: House of Emmanuele, Glasses: YRU

How do you maintain your hair color? Give us blondies some products!

My favorites are Pravana The Perfect Blonde Purple Toning Masque and B3 Brazilian Bond Builder Instant Restore & Protect Reconstructor.

Tell us a little bit about your illustrations and where you get your inspiration for them.

My creatures come from people, memories, ghosts, and dreams.

You’re very multi-talented and you seem to love to be involved in many different industries. What’s next for you and what are you dying to make dip into in the future?

I am about to create a whole new series of paintings and I will be adding tons of hand painted pieces to my shop! I can’t wait to collaborate with more artists. The future is always surprising.

Top & Skirt: Dyspnea, Choker: Sparkle Fairy Couture, Rings: Jen Hansen
Dress: Dyspnea, Earrings: Forever 21, Bag: Heirloom, Shoes: Thom Solo, Harness: Ada Zanditon
Dress: Kaimin, Gloves: Dead Lotus Couture, Glasses: YRU, Earring: H&M, Ring: House of Emmanuele

Photography by Sequoia Emmanuelle

Styling by Alexandra Mandelkorn

Hair by Carlos Ortiz

Makeup by Satya Linak

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