Aaron Rose Phillip has quickly risen in popularity as one of the top transgender and disabled models in the fashion world, proving that with hard work and dedication anything is possible. Through her love for fashion and beauty, Aaron is creating a legacy that provides a positive representation to those all over the world who can relate to her story. We sat down with Aaron Rose to learn all about her and what she’s doing to take over the world.  


How is your creativity disrupting the fashion world? 

My uniqueness is what makes me a creative disruption to the fashion world. There is nobody like me in fashion, and I have put forth my best efforts to create so many different experiences for myself in the fashion industry thus far, whether it’s modeling, candidly speaking about my experience in modeling while being disabled & transsexual, and doing my best to use my platform in the past & present to support various communities of the world. 

What advice would you give your 16-year-old self? 

A piece of advice I would give to my 16-year-old self is to trust that my life will evolve and get better… And to look at myself and see that beautiful girl that I am – and see nothing else but that. Love yourself. It is so imperative at a time like 16 years old to love and be gentle with yourself. 

Who are your HEROES that have had the biggest impact on your life? 

My hero is my mother, Lydia Philip. She comes from Antigua in the Caribbean, where both of my parents are from. Back home, she is widely respected, loved & adored because of her energy and her inner light that radiates from within outwards to the world, but also for the fact that she truly supports the people of her island and her village. To me, that is the highest example of what a human being and a hero should be – someone who puts themselves out to lovingly and tangibly support others. 

Growing up, how was your relationship with fashion? 

My relationship with fashion growing up honestly was almost nonexistent until I was 17 and 18 because I didn’t have much autonomy or a relationship with myself physically yet. Being a young trans kid with little to no resources or outlets to express myself except for the space I could create for myself on social media was very real for me. I loved fashion and expressing style so much, but I did not feel as though that was attainable to me until I started my career in fashion. 

You have been featured in numerous campaigns from Marc Jacobs to more. What young designer – in your opinion, is the future of fashion? 

Collina Strada, in my opinion – is the future of fashion. Hillary and Charlie have a completely unique vision of what they want to bring to their brand and to their consumers anytime they release new designs or have a new show during fashion month. It brings me such joy to see their star rise, and to be a part of their lives and vision. 

Who is your style icon? 

At this point, my style icon is myself. I of course absolutely have references and inspirations from celebrities and fashion icons, but I’m not really about trends. I do whatever I want with my style, and I love that for me.  

You are also a multimedia artist – how long have you been painting and how would you describe your art style? 

I have been an artist since I was a child. I’ve been sketching since I was about 8 or 9 years old. Looking back, my art used to really be about manifesting my femininity as a transfeminine child. I was creating these vivacious, colorful, powerful, cutesy, dainty feminine characters who had magical powers and giving them different storylines and fantasies.  

My imagination then was interesting and felt limitless. I have delved into so many different mediums of art whether it’s been sketching, digital art, sculpting or photography – I’ve been able to create in ways that are really satisfactory to me in all those different ways. 

Today I would describe my current art style as mental, emotional and spiritual vomit on a digital canvas. I always tend to create these different abstract landscapes, and color codes for my art – and it is just always something that comes from within me outwards into my pieces. I let my spirit, and my hands take over when I create something. The rest sorts itself out. 

You have gotten to work with Donatella Versace! What did she say to you? How was that experience? 

I have had the incredible honor of attending Versace’s SS24 fashion show in Milan during fall 2023, and then attending the Versace Icon’s dinner that took place in New York – in which I met Donatella Versace & Anne Hathaway for the first time. Donatella has an incredible heart of gold, and such a lovely, uniquely empowering energy. I will never forget that she told me how wonderful and heartwarming it was to meet face to face, as we had lots of mutuals and friends on Instagram for quite some time before that. I have endless gratitude and love for Donatella, and I’m constantly inspired by her genius of what she does at her brand every single season. My biggest fashion goal is to be in a campaign for and or walk the runway for Donatella’s Versace. 

What are you reading at the moment? 

I am rereading Simple Passion by Annie Ernaux. 

What is your signature fragrance? 

My signature fragrance is this Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance I was gifted a while ago and as of recently – Régime des Fleurs x Chloe Sevigny.  

What advice has your parents given you that you try to live by? 

My parents have always told me that I can do anything I put my mind to. Up till this day. I do in fact try to do anything I put my mind to, and I try to believe that as much as I can – and it works, it always works. 

What is one item that is always in your bag, and what kind of handbag is it? 

One item that is always in my bag is my Fenty Beauty lip gloss, and this gloss has been carried in everything from Prada to Tommy Hilfiger to Marc Jacobs. 

What makes a star in this age of fast fame? 

What makes a star in this age of fast fame is integrity. Being a star is about having passion and knowledge for what it is that you are doing or are a part of. True star quality is about shining and radiating beauty, talent, light & love from the inside out. 


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