Why You Should Add Rose Water Spray In Your Makeup Routine

If you’re looking to add more luxury to your beauty routine, you might want to start spritzing rose water on your face. Makeup artists use it to prep skin before fashion shows and photo shoots. Beauty bloggers spray it on before applying moisturizer and foundation.

Not only is the mist cooling and relaxing, but it’s actually good for you skin. In fact, it makes your makeup look flawless. Here are some of the benefits of rose water spray:

1. Controls excess oils

2. Hydrates and moisturizes skin

3. Reduces redness and blotchiness

4. Has antibacterial properties, so it helps heals scars and cuts

5. Has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin conditions like acne & eczema

6. Works like an astringent, so it helps clean out pores and tone the skin

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