The 9 Coolest Places to Visit in South Florida

This month, Galore is your new BFF when it comes to travel. We’re examining some of the chillest travel locations, from Paris to New Jersey, with open minds and no judgment. Below, check out social influencer and South Florida native Raya‘s top nine things to do in her home state.

1. Sugarcane

One of my absolute favorite restaurants in Miami. It’s located in Wynwood – Miami’s very own Arts District. I’m very big into a restaurant’s decor and Sugarcane does not disappoint. Lots of greenery, twinkling lights and incredibly high ceilings. You just feel cool eating here. They have crazy good artisanal cocktails and it’s a great place to order a bunch of small plates and share! Try the Goat Cheese Croquettes and thank me later.

2. Dan Price’s The LAB

If you’re going to Miami to party and get crazy, you might find yourself excitedly (and drunkenly) screaming to your friends over the loud music in a club that you HAVE to get a tattoo while you’re here. If you’re actually serious and looking for a great place with amazing artists, look no further than Dan Price’s The LAB. While the space is relatively new, and impeccably decorated I might add, Dan is a seasoned artist. He’s done guest spots at Bang Bang in NYC, where Rihanna and Cara Delevingne go for their ink, and he recently tattooed those wings on the back of Justin Bieber’s neck. If you’re going to do something impulsive, you might as well do it right!

3. Butterfly World

If you’re okay traveling a bit from Miami — about an hour — then you’ll definitely want to check out Butterfly World in Coconut Creek. I know, it sounds goofy and more like something your aunt would force you to do with your 10 year old niece. But I promise, it’s actually amazing. You enter into a giant enclosed area where thousands of butterflies live. They’re very used to humans, so don’t be surprised when they land on you or you find that you can pick them up with ease. There are also beautiful exotic birds and even an area where you feed them by hand. It’s magical and you’ll feel like the fairy princess of an enchanted forest.

4. Madison Blue Springs State Park

Madison isn’t exactly South Florida, but if you happen to find yourself near Daytona Beach or Jacksonville, it’s worth the trip to Madison Blue Springs State Park. The swimming hole is probably the easiest to get to considering how incredibly beautiful and crystal clear the water is. Nestle even bought a few acres nearby for bottling water! It’s a gorgeous place to swim and there are even spots to cliff dive for those of you feeling adventurous!

When you hear the chef scream out “Let me get an old school!” just know that this is the final product! #YBSouthern

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5. Yardbird

Another restaurant you definitely NEED to try, no excuses, is Yardbird. There is one located in The Venetian in Las Vegas, but for some reason the location in the heart of Miami Beach just tastes better to me. It’s traditional Southern food, and it is incredible. The friend chicken, the bacon doughnuts, the buttermilk biscuits. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. It’s definitely worth waking up a little early and battling Miami Beach parking to make it for brunch. One time, I had corn bread that they served with warm buttermilk to pour over it. My life was forever changed.

6. Blue Heron Bridge Snorkeling

Located in Riviera Beach, just under two hours from Miami, is Blue Heron Bridge. It’s a beach park where there is much, much, more that meets the eye. Directly under the bridge, there is a snorkeling trail where you’ll see all sorts of underwater wildlife (sea horses!) and even sunken statues. It’s relatively cheap minus the snorkeling gear and parking, and totally worth it.

Coffee paired with a view #Fontainebleau cc: @pisarriphoto

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7. Fontainebleau Hotel

I’m sure most of you know of the famous hotel, but it’s still worth mentioning. One of the most beautiful hotels in Miami, and one of the best places to stay for you party animals. LIV, a super fun club, is located in the hotel so you don’t even have to worry about paying for an Uber. Not to mention Stripsteak is a great place to get a Filet Mignon and a glass of wine beforehand. The pools are incredible, the spa is luxurious. You will actually never need to leave your hotel.

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8. Wynwood Walls

Behind Wynwood Kitchen & Bar, you’ll find the Wynwood Walls. It’s a large area with seating where graffiti artists from Miami have come to splash their talent all over the walls. It’s gorgeous and a great place to get some cute, candid Instagram pics with a cool background.

Terrace Suite breakfast & views for two🍾🍳🍓

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9. Biltmore Hotel Brunch

This hotel (and historic landmark) is so beautiful and fancy it hurts my eyes. It’s very “old money” and you walk in and instantly feel like you need to stand up straight. Although I’ve never stayed here, I have come for their Sunday brunch and it’s very worth mentioning even though I’ve already included a few other restaurants. It will set you back about $80 I believe, but it’s all you can eat. And when I say all you can eat, I mean it. All you can eat breakfast foods, carving stations with roast beef, a seafood area with crab, lobster, & caviar. A dessert bar with everything you can think of. You will leave feeling more than satisfied and that your money was well spent.

Photo by Gabriella Sibaja

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