8 Weekend Trips For Getting Out of NYC

Rain? Check. Snow? Double check. In fear of a cancelled flight? Triple check.

It would be nice to Leave New York City when the weather goes sour, but most of us have no choice but to stay behind thanks to your family’s insistent begging on visiting the Big Apple. And in some cases, a winter internship or part-time job that requires you to stay behind for Christmas.

While staying behind can be a drag, there are always super rad weekend getaways to keep yourself sane and steady for the holidays.

1. Tarrytown

In desperate need of a breather? Book a ticket and take the ride! Head on out to Stone Barns to play with the pigs, go near the chicken coop and explore the greenhouses. Trust me, a little bit of fresh air and a bit of country is good enough to make your week better.

But if you are a diehard foodie, don’t forget to try out Blue Hill! It’s tucked inside Stone Barns and warning: reservations are constantly booked up. If you can’t be bothered to book a table, try the cafe. Snag the yogurts, sandwiches and just about anything over there! Trust me, you will never regret spending a SINGLE penny. Your stomach can thank you for the rest of your life.

2. Boston

Dying to take a walk after that 4-6 hour bus ride? You got this! Small and just as compact as Manhattan, Bean Town has so much more to offer than the tourist-thirsty Freedom Trail, Red Sox games, Faneuil Hall and Good Will Hunting.

Bummed that you’re suffering a bad case of Miami Art Basel FOMO? Treat yourself to the Institute of Contemporary Art and Museum of Fine Arts! While the snow’s just only outside, you can burn all of those PSL calories by going around both museums. Must I say that they have the most interesting exhibitions in town?! Gram, snap and take as many photos as you want! ICYMI, no trip is ever complete without the Boston Science Museum. Catch some super lit music shows (i.e. laser shows), IMAX flicks or a 360 degree roller coaster simulator! Can you even ask for a better weekend than that?!

Too cold to stick it out in the wind for the night? Take a trip to the top of the Pru and cap off your night there. Whip out your Instagram and start filming those stories ASAP! You must never miss out the sickest 360 degree view of the entire city.

3. Beacon, NY

Can’t stand the ridiculously long lines and the extreme crowds at the MoMA? This two hour trip to Beacon is worth the trek for one and one thing only: Dia:Beacon.

Set in a former Nabisco factory, the museum houses the most unusual sculptures and installations. Look out for lots of Dan Flavin neon lights, Louise Bourgeois’ spider and a whole lotta minimalist art. The artwork is mean, clean and a whole lotta lean shapes. If you are a diehard minimalist (think Yeezy Season), this museum is for you. Before you leave, check out the bookstore — you’ll never know if you can find the perfect Xmas gifts!

Last but not least, take the tram, explore bits of the history around the town and Yelp for the perfect dining options. Before I forget, don’t overlook Bannerman Island! Inside the island, there’s Bannerman Castle, a former military warehouse.

FYI: You can score a student discount to visit the museum, which will be part of your round trip ticket at Grand Central. If  this is your first time going to Beacon, it’s best to go with friends.

4. Mystic, Connecticut

What do pizzas and Julia Roberts have in common? Look no further than this cute seaside town in Connecticut!

Despite the cold air, don’t be afraid to take some cute photos by the sea! You seriously cannot miss the killer views of the seaport as you take a walk down the boardwalk. Before I continue, you seriously can’t miss out on seeing the Olde Mistick Village (to catch some trinkets), Charles W. Morgan (seriously, it’s an important piece of history as the only wooden whaleship!) and the aquarium. If you ever get hungry, kiss your diet goodbye was you indulge into some pizza from good old Mystic Pizza! P.S. If you travel by car, don’t forget to stop by the arboretum at Connecticut College in New London. Look out for the pond, a whole lotta trees and treat yourself on a tour! (Thanks, mom!)

5. Providence, Rhode Island

You might not need to bag a degree at Brown or prove your design chops at RISD, but you can always head out there for some fun. If you have a boyfriend who can’t stand art or museums, please leave him behind. No city trip can be ruined with a boring drag! There are SO many museums out there from RISD’s very own to the Museum of Natural History and Planetarium. If you wanna crunch in some study time or work on those internship apps, sneak into the Providence Athenaeum.

The Athenaeum is a public library, but it’s got that faux Greek temple exterior that makes you feel like as if you are in Athens. No trip to Greece needed! If you ever need to cap off your night, splurge that cash at Providence Performing Arts Center or at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel. You can choose between a concert or a Broadway show. Talk about scoring the BEST night of your life!

6. Central Valley, New York

Okie dokes, there honestly isn’t much for you to do there except to shop. If you’ve missed out on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, fear not: walk thy hallowed ground at the Woodbury Premium Outlets! Need to ring up dada for Prada? Take him along and treat yourselves there!

Don’t forget to land some deals at other cool designer stores as you watch your wallet shrink to Rag & Bone (pun intended). While outlet stores mainly carry a yesteryear’s worth of seasons, you must always thank yourself for being able to cop that model-worthy wardrobe for the fraction of a month’s rent.

7. Cambridge, Mass.

Can anything else be better than telling all your friends and family that you got accepted to Harvard Law? Just kidding! As a train ride away from Boston, Cambridge is the city for the smart and savvy like you! Except, it’s a tad bit more bookish as it’s the hotbed for universities.

Before you go anywhere, feel free to visit the Harvard campus. Trust me, it’s SO bee-yoo-ti-ful and incredibly breathtaking as you walk around. There’s so many science and art museums within the block of the entire campus! Man, even the library and the cafeteria happen to have the coolest exteriors.

Must I say that no trip to Harvard is ever compete without looking at a cutie?! Boot up your Tinder and swipe quickly! And if you’re in desperate need for some caffeine, just grab a cup at their coffee shop. The coffee there is the BEST in town! Seriously, you need to ‘gram EVERYTHING!! No trip to Harvard is ever complete without a bike/stroll around Harvard Square. A visit to MIT is completely optional. All in all, it’s best to head there for the day.

8. Hershey, PA

Am I even joking that I am telling all of you to go there for the legendary hot spot for chocolate? No. Load up on some holiday calories as you head out to Hershey’s very own chocolate museum!

Not only can you indulge in some chocolate tasting, you can also learn the story of how your childhood go-to chocolate brand became the #1 bestselling supermarket must-have. If your family wants to tag along, bring them to Hershey Park! The Disneyland alternative is open all-season long and you can pick out any ride you want. Not to mention, you can score some good savings during your visit! If you are legal, there’s the Troegs Brewery, where you can try out some booze and score matching munchies. Mmmmhmmm!!! The foodie in you has finally landed in nirvana.

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