7 Pro Tips For Perfect Brows You Actually Don’t Know

We all know that eyebrows can make or break your look. And according to Sania Vucetaj, founder of her one-of-a-kind eponymous brow bar in New York City, you might be breaking your brow look without even knowing it.

And she knows what she’s talking about. Sania’s been in the brow game since before that was even a thing, starting off her career working as a single eyebrow aesthetician at Bergdorf Goodman’s salon over 10 years ago, then leaving to start her own salon, taking a bevy of very loyal clients with her. Written up consistently over the years as a staple of New York’s favorite aestheticians, Sania incorporates an approach that other people just don’t par up to.

For one, she was the sole eyebrow aesthetician in her salon up until just recently, when she trained her daughters, teaching them her trade secrets, in order to make her services available to more clients. Her daughter Valbona manages the salon, making Sania’s business a full family affair. With some more help on hand, Sania’s been able to add on an eyebrow-grooming salon exclusively for men to her space in Manhattan. So far, it’s worked out well for all involved.

“Sania’s clientele, they’re all beautiful,” One client said of the salon, in a New York Times profile on Sania. “I’ve met a lot of women that way,”

She only tweezes brows; you sit in her warm, comfortable studio with your eyes closed for roughly 7 minutes, and you open once more, to literally seeing your eyebrows reshaped to perfection. Every. Single. Time.

“I take a long vacation in the summer,” she told me, laughing. “I need it. I see so many people sometimes daily, working all by myself…my clients know I’m here for them year round, so that’s the one time I’m actually unavailable.”

So what happens when Sania does take that well-deserved vacation? Here, she lays down the tips for keeping your brows on point when she’s out of town, or for those you who’ve *gasp* never been to NYC’s brow expert, and wouldn’t even know.

1. Don’t Use Brow Gel

“It clogs your hair follicles, so your brows can’t grow back in. People don’t know that this is one of the main issues for regrowth.”

2. Or Moisturizer

“Same thing. Moisturizer, and especially sunscreen, are terrible to apply around your brows, since it causes the hairs around the eyebrow to have much more trouble growing back.

3. Instead, Use A Pencil With Some Wax In It

“The pencils I use—and make—have just enough wax in them to keep your brows in place once you’ve penciled them in.”

4. Nobody Sees Your Unibrow

“So stop picking at your brows in between sessions! Do you ever notice the tiny little hairs around people’s brows? No. Nobody does. You’re probably just plucking hair that needs to grow back anyway.”

5. So Get Rid of Your Magnifying Mirror

“Just throw it out. Just do it.”

6. Why Waxing Isn’t The Move

“Waxing takes off too much hair in general. Natural looks better on everyone, and usually eyebrow waxers just create an arch that looks completely unnatural.

7. Cara Delevigne’s Brows Aren’t The Goal

“Oh my God, I wish I could get my hands on her brows…they’re honestly just too full. Full brows are great, but only when they make sense for your face. I’ve always said this, but she really needs to take them in a little bit. It’s fine, because she’s such a beautiful girl, but it’s really important to know how full is too full.”

Visit Sania’s Brow Bar at 48 West 20th Street in Manhattan. Women’s shaping costs $85.

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