7 Bestie PJs to Copy Kendall & Bella

Like it or not, but pajamas as acceptable daytime clothing is becoming a thing again.

Just yesterday, Kendall and Bella wore matching pajama sets to a Victoria’s Secret fitting and it was adorable and also pretty practical when you really think about it.

Like Kendall said on her app, “When I’m backstage and prepping for a show, I have to wear button-down shirts so I don’t destroy my hair and makeup. On top of that, I want to be comfortable, but still presentable. Cute pajama sets are the perfect option.”

Since we all can’t afford the $290 pair of Saint and Abel BFF PJs that Kendall and Bella were wearing, here’s 7 pairs that you can buy for you and your BFF that won’t take such a hit on your precious bank account.

1. Cherry Blossom Realness

For BFFs on a budget, it doesn’t get much better than a PJ set that costs $42.50 but looks like it could sell for at least double on Urban Outfitters.

2. Welcome to the Jungle

These PJs may cost a little more than you usually spend on sleepwear, but they’re a close ringer for Kendall and Bella’s pair — plus from a distance, they kind of look like pot leaves. It’s always 4/20 somewhere, right?

3. Luxe Baes Only

Who ever said PJs couldn’t look sophisticated AF?

4. For All You Cheeky BFFs Out There

Winter may be coming, but sometimes you just have to suck it up and remind yourself that there’s a hot ass motherfucker under all those sweater layers.

5. Mother Nature Ain’t Got Nothing On You Two

For the girls who can’t choose between wearing flora or fauna.

6. Sweet & Dainty

For all those girly girls out there, this delicate-looking pastel PJ set is perfect for you and all those secretly turnt slumber parties you throw under your parents’ noses.

7. Flower Power Chic

Doesn’t that just look so cozy you could just die and wake up in five years when Donald Trump isn’t president anymore?

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