6 Spring Jackets to Fit Every Girl’s Style

As founder of food and fashion blog Taste the Style and co-founder of skincare range DAILE, Cyndi Ramirez has created a name for herself as a lifestyle expert.

And while we could’ve asked this Jill of all trades anything from good eats to skincare – we decided to hone in on her styling expertise and find out which spring jackets she’s obsessed with. Here’s what she had to say.

Spring is the season most New Yorkers consider to be the gateway to summer.

I, on the other hand, like to take a minute and appreciate it for what it really is: the best season for fashion. Not to take anything away from fall – you’re a close second, homie – but with spring, we can actually look forward to warmer days ahead instead of clinging on to half-decent weather and anticipating the blistering cold. That’s no way to live!

The fact is, we’re finally able to part ways with our heavy wool coats and say hello to shorter, lighter pieces to go over our vintage tees.

For this reason, spring has continually won me over for best season and because I love jackets so much – seriously though, I have an entire closet dedicated to them – I rounded up some of the strongest pieces I’ve seen this season.

1. For The Sporty Bombshell

Even if you don’t consider yourself sporty, bomber jackets are having a major moment in 2016.

For an affordable piece that can be easily worn with just about any outfit, this bomber from & Other Stories is a standout.

2. For The Rocker Bombshell

The leather jacket is a classic that should be in everyone’s closet but if you’re a rocker babe, you probably already have 10 laying around – some vintage, some new and some hand-me-downs from your cool aunt that frequented Studio 54.

What you need though, what your dreams are made of – is a purple suede jacket and Nasty Gal has just the thing to steal your heart.

3. For The Classic Bombshell

The hunt for the perfect trench is an ongoing endeavour but Madewell’s Parcel Trench is the trench coat to end the search.

4. For The Bohemian Bombshell

I’ve recently become a Simon Miller fan-girl thanks to his gypsy-in-the-city aesthetic. After all, aren’t we all nomads at heart?

If you’re looking for the final topping to your layering, his Tula jacket is not one to overlook.

5. For The Minimalist Bombshell

This structured jacket from The Arrivals has all the makings of a minimalist’s spring dream. From the color to the mesh accents – I’ve died many times over this jacket.

6. For The Whimsical Bombshell

So you’re into special, one-of-a-kind pieces but don’t always have the time to thrift, I feel you.

And don’t even get me started on the constant struggle of finding the perfect vintage jean jacket.

Style Mafia, a Miami-based online shop to put on your radar immediately, may actually solve your problem with this campy jean jacket. It’s fun, light, and definitely ready for the party.

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