6 brands that do faux fur right

Being environmentally conscious can be difficult when shopping. Who doesn’t love a good leather jacket or fur coat? But nowadays it’s not about what you wear it’s how you wear it. Whether you’re fighting cruelty by boycotting animal based products, or simply can’t afford them (like myself) there are equally fabulous options that will allow you to stunt just as hard while being ecologically friendly.

Now, there are definitely some bad replicas of fur that look cheap and feel gross, but fear not! These seven brands offer faux-real furs that look and feel amazing. It can be difficult to find the right one, but as a shopaholic I searched high and low until I came up on some really dope pieces.

Posh Shop LA

If you’re looking for a great price point start here! They actually surprised me with the quality of their products. They have the best sales and are almost too good for how low the cost is.

My Picks: Faux Fur Longline Coat, Faux Fur Heeled Booties

Pretty Little Thing

This site is blowing up on Instagram, especially with their collaboration with Kourtney Kardashian about to drop. It’s super affordable and has a really great selection if you’re looking for variety.

Our Picks: Black Cropped Fur Jacket Hoodie, Sophiah Baby Pink Fur Jacket

Zara & Topshop

No explanation needed when it comes to these two mall brands. They’re both an easy go-to when you need last minute options, or a reliable wardrobe staple.

Our Picks: Colorful Yellow Hooded Coat, Faux Fur Backpack, Faux Fur Chubby Coat, Texas Slip On Trainers


This UK brand has one of the largest catalogs for faux fur! The options are literally endless from embroidered to plain colour they don’t skip a beat. They even offer alternatives for leather as well.

Our Picks: Kale Yeah Fur Bomber, Cow Print Fur


For unconventional faux furs this is a one stop shop. You are sure to stand out above the rest in these!

Our Picks: Purple Shaggy Fur Coat, Metallic Handle Bag

UnReal Fur

This PETA approved company is one of the leading specialists in faux fur. Not only do they have a crazy selection, but they are adamant about promoting sustainability and cruelty free fashion across the board.

Our Picks: Bluebird Jacket, Urban Jungle Jaguar & Plum Coat

These brands prove that there is a right way to make faux fur, so now you have no reason not to be fly all winter. And as the great Karl Lagerfeld once said, “You cannot fake chic, but you can be chic and fake fur.”

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