5 Signs Your Roommates Are Officially Your Family

When I signed a lease this time a year ago to live with five other girls that I wasn’t best friends with, I was excited and terrified.

I couldn’t wait to move out of my freshman dorm, but an off-campus house without any RAs or parents could have turned out horribly. Luckily for me, it didn’t. If you’re like me and end up loving your housemates, they truly become your family. Not sure if your girls have your back like they share your blood? Here’s how to tell.

1. They know which boys you’ve allowed in your prized possession: your bed

When he pulls his pants back on and stumbles down the stairs in the morning, your housemates’ ears are trained and just waiting for this moment. Or, when you stumble into the only bathroom in the house butt naked to pee at 3 a.m., you will probably run into your housemate just getting home still decked out and confused, only her makeup will be intact. They know all about your late night endeavors and who you bring home, and can always peep into your room in the morning.

What makes them your family is they’re totally not judging your rising body count. My girls are all about getting laid like we live in a frat house. Those of us not single live vicariously through whoever’s bringing someone home or stumbling in at 9 a.m. with men’s slides on their feet.

2. They’ll call you out on your shit

Much like your mother, if you bull shit my housemates and yourself, they’ll call you out. And they won’t care if it hurts your feelings. They know if you go out on that Tuesday you’re not going to write your paper before your 11:30 a.m. Wednesday. They’ll still force you go to out, but won’t wake you up for the gym at 9 a.m. You’ll do the paper eventually, probably.

And when your ex bf is being a lil fuckboy and you go crawling back each time he fucks up, you’ll hear the disapproval from your housemates first. They know you deserve better, they’re who you come home crying to, even if you try to hide it. If your housemates are your family, they’ll whip you into the confident nasty woman you are who doesn’t take shit from anyone.

3. They don’t judge you for hating on the world sometimes

All your other friends will get on your nerves sometimes because they just don’t get it. But you can always come back home and drink wine, eat leftover dining hall food, and complain about the other people you’re sick of for no real reason.

They’ll agree that everyone else is in the wrong like your fam would. And then they’ll shut you up and force you to go on adventures to the convenience store to buy ice cream. After you’re done venting you’re lifted up and girl power (obviously) presides.

4. When something major happens in your life, they’re first to be proud of you

While your other friends may be happy for you when you get your final grade, your housemates saw you working for that A all semester and are as ecstatic as you. While they got your back in bad times, they are your #1 fan in good times.

For example, I was writing a paper last night and holding in my pee so I could finish a paragraph (the bathroom is like, really far up a flight of stairs). I said, “I think I’m gonna pee my pants.” My drunk housemate, while eating a salad and scrolling through her phone, automatically responded, “you got this!” The unconditional support of the dumb shit you do by your housemates makes them your family, your go to.

5. Your cycles are matched up

Even though half of us are on birth control, somehow our cycles are matched up. When one of us get cramps, we all get worried. But don’t stress, this just means one sex-free weekend of the month in our house. And I don’t even think all of us believe in that nonsense, if you know what I’m sayin’.

This time of the month we share Nutella and any other chocolate based food we steal from home. We all go out together anyway, obviously, and look forward to finding our way home with our housemates and hearing about all the weird things they did that night. Simultaneous periods must be some sort of girl superpower.

No matter how many girls you live with, your college housemates become your family. They know when you’re supposed to be in class and napping instead, they know when you’re being sus and bringing a boy home they don’t like. But overall they know you’re there for them, and they’re there for you. You’re just girls that have each other’s backs. This is what we need more of in this world, after all.

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