5 Bands We Wish Were Still Together

For fans of the indie-electro duo Crystal Castles, the news of the band’s sudden break up hit hard and fast. This is always the case when bands break up however, it feels almost as personal as the break up of a parental couple or, in some cases if the band is truly close to your heart, it can feel as if YOU have been broken up with. We have certainly endured the end of some amazing bands throughout the years. Here are a few of the bands that have broken our hearts when they broke off their music careers.



Wonderwall and Champagne Supernova are still on our repeat playlists, but knowing that the Gallagher brothers would never play together again made us want cry to the rainstorm opening of “Champagne Supernova” a few more times than we should.

The Jonas Brothers


Love them or hate them you were shocked when this band broke up. And perhaps even more shocked to learn of Joe Jonas striking out on his own as a DJ. And yet more shocked to see Nick Jonas posing half naked in Flaunt magazine. Why can’t they all just be grown up and hot together?



Ok so maybe this was a bit before our time but listening to Debbie Harry’s rock star vocals still makes us want to chop off our hair and go off for a bad girl night on the town. No band will ever scream quite as much girl power as Blondie did in the 70’s.

The Beatles


Ok yes, way before our time and half of the members are dead but Beatles nostalgia happens even to those who weren’t even alive when this band was in their hey day and listening to fake accented Beatles tribute bands just doesn’t seem to cut it.

Destiny’s Child


All of the feels. Now and forever.

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