10 Signs You’ve Found Your Literal Bestie

There are friends, and then there are besties — like, the people you can ugly-cry in front of without worrying they’ll never look at you the same.

So how do you know which ones make the cut? Here are the ways.

1.You have a code word.

What does this code word mean, you ask? Literally everything. It means you have food in your teeth, don’t turn around the love of your life is staring at you, let’s leave I’m getting too drunk, or I’m starving where’s the nearest Taco Bell. This word is universal AF.

2. Her closet is so filled with your clothes you don’t even realize it.

Me: Sorry I have on your shoes
BFF: Those are my shoes?

You get the point.

3. Her mom makes your favorite dish just because.

There is nothing like my bestie’s mom’s egg rolls, and she always makes sure I have an abundance of them. Thank you second mom! You are the best.

4. You hate people TOGETHER.

I swear there are people in this world that I do not like AT ALL, despite the fact that we’ve never met. Why? You’re in my best friend’s life and I can see that its toxic. Mess with her and you mess with me .

5. Twinning is NBD.

If I see a random girl with the same shirt on as me, I get so pissed off! Immediately running to my car finding anything and everything to change into, because GOD FORBID you match with her. When my bff and I show up in the same outfit, it’s freaking dope. OH MY GOSH girlie great minds think alike!!!1 #TWINNING

6. Her siblings are your siblings.

Its okay to get mad at her little sister for wearing your clothes, and its totally normal to call her brother when you’re broken down on the side of the road. SOS FAM I NEED YOU.

7. She won’t post ugly pictures of you online without consent.

Bottom line, if she posts an ugly picture of you on the internet because SHE looks good, that girl is not your bff.

8. You can threaten her significant other.

BFF: This is chris! So glad you finally got to meet him
Me: 🙂
BFF: *goes to bathroom*
Me: Hi Chris. If you ever mess with her in the slightest I will ruin your life in ways you didn’t even know existed. Super nice to meet you too!

9. You can say no.

Your best friend doesn’t care if you don’t want to hang out simply because you don’t feel like putting on pants and paying for gas. #RELATABLE.

10. You trust her with all of your secrets.

A best friend is there for you when you need her to be. You love each other unconditionally, and you can trust her with your world.

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