ZZ Ward’s 3 Ways To Feel Confident For Everyday Style

Once you’ve been up on a Coachella stage in nothing more than a mini sequined romper and no one in the audience bats an eye, your standards of dressing are inevitably influenced. Take it from modern blues crooner ZZ Ward, a music industry vet who is just about to drop her second album entitled This Is War. Donning a voluminous fur coat over a skintight black midi and peep toe booties in her shoot for Galore, ZZ somehow projected the laid back feeling that is normally only achieved when wearing plaid flannel PJ bottoms and lounging on the couch. How is this possible? ZZ’s natural confidence, which we’re dying to emulate. Wallflowers take note, here are the ways to wear exactly what you want and feel good doing it:

1. “Learn what to wear for your body type. Everyone is built so differently and there’s things that look extraordinary on some people and not on other people.”

2. “Once you learn your go-to’s, stick with those and feel good about them. If you look great in black, then freakin’ rock black all the time. Personally, I always wear a fedora because it’s an homage to the blues. Lately, I’ve been living in heels. I like the way they make me want to move.”

3. Experiment with makeup. “I love Kevyn Aucoin eye shadow. I’m also really into this Dior mascara— it makes me look like I’m wearing intense false eyelashes just by putting it on. It goes well with Makeup Forever black eyeliner, which stays on really well and doesn’t bleed. If I’m going for a lighter look, I love Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer.”

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