Zolita Talks About Her Brand New Video “Valley Gurl”

The bae Zolita released her new video to day, but this time we’re blessed with a two parter. This is the first segment and is more of skit that pays homage to our fave TV shows. Check out the video and her inspirations for it below!




What was the inspiration behind this?
I grew up in Calabasas so this is honestly a direct reflection of growing up there. The storyline is a twisted take on something that actually happened to me in high school and a lot of the lines are literally direct quotes I heard. And obviously the reality show format was very inspired by Kardashians, Pretty Wild, etc.

What were your intentions when creating this?
I moved to New York City after high school and was then able to reflect on the culture I grew up in and find the humor in it. There is definitely something that draws people to watching valley girl culture. I guess I also wanted to reflect on reality television culture in general. I’m not even necessarily making fun of valley girls (because truth be told deep down I am one), but I guess the intention was to show the humor and ridiculousness of it all.

How does it differ from your other videos?
This video is in two parts, part two (the actual music video) is coming out next week. This is a lot different than my other videos because it’s funny and I generally don’t do humor.

What’s next for you?
Recording a few new songs this month, some softer vibey acoustic stuff! And hopefully some more live shows.

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