Zolita: On Her Best Songs to Have Sex To

Fresh off of her performance last night at The Bitter End in Brooklyn, our fave new singer/songwriter, Zolita, is poised to take the Manhattan music scene by storm. As showcased in her three music videos (“Valley Gurl,” “Teen Dream,” and “Pussy Princess B*tch”), the 20-year-old has some serious talent and a fresh voice that is equal parts hilarious, fabulous, and girl power inspiring. I sat down with Zolita last week and we talked music, dream girls, and what’s up next.

Interview and photos by Jess Kohlman


Favorite song to have sex to:
Any Banks or FKA Twigs song

Craziest thing you’ve ever done:
made out with my best friend for $700

Describe your dream girl:
A super talented beautiful musician who will play bluegrass guitar while I fall asleep every night

Kill, F***, Marry: Barbie, Kate Moss, Madonna.
Marry Madonna, f*** Kate Moss, kill Barbie

Favorite female musicians that inspire you?
Stevie Nicks, Alison Krauss, FKA Twigs, Ann & Nancy Wilson

Who is your dream girl you’d love to go on a date with?
FKA Twigs or Kristen Stewart. Robert Pattinson gets all the good ones!

You’ve been looking different recently, describe your new vibe!
I think when I started making music and music videos I was very caught up in the idea of making something trendy that the people of the internet would like, but trendy things become tired so quickly. I think my mindset has matured a bit and now I’m just interested in making honest, interesting music that I’m proud of and has an effect on people.


Venue/city you most want to preform?
Nashville. Or Copenhagen.

First song you ever wrote?
I’m pretty sure the first song I ever wrote was when I was 7 and angry that my mom was making me eat broccoli. The lyrics were like, “sometimes it is easy sometimes it is hard in life oh yea.”
Haha. In middle school I also wrote apology songs for my friends all the time because I constantly did bitchy things.

Favorite emoji?
The three stars. They are flirty but friendly!

Favorite song?
America by Simon & Garfunkel. You know, I just found out there’s not one rhyme in the whole song!

Where does inspiration for your music come from?
For pop music I guess I get inspiration from pop culture. And for my other stuff I guess most of my best songs stem out of me being really anxious or sad.

You write a lot about social media in your music, what are some of you favorite aspects of it?
Social media is awesome because it has essentially eliminated the middle man. An artist can just put their work online for everyone to hear or see, it’s incredible!
And if you’ve already gained a following on your own, record labels are more likely to invest in you because it’s less of a risk.


Describe your fashion aesthetic.
Well it’s been pretty sporty and ironic for the past year but now It’s pretty danish. I don’t really know what my taste is anymore, I’ve grown kinda tired of the sporty aesthetic so now when I go thrifting its so hard! I don’t know what I like!

What’s up next for you?
I have a video “I’d Kill For You” coming out this month, the song was a collaboration with this amazing producer named Lozzy and the video was a collaboration with my best friend Kaitlin Christy. Then a video for my song “Explosion” is coming out in December – Explosion will be apart of an EP I’m working on with another incredible producer.

Goals for the future?
Get out an EP ASAP! Perform live more! I’m in this weird place where I don’t really know what my live performances should be like. I’ve only done acoustic shows and shows with backing tracks.

Check out Zolita on soundcloud here, follow her here and here, and watch her latest vid here.

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