Zoe Belle Elyse Talks Spring Trends And Being A Short Model


Zoe Belle Elyse is making big waves in fashion, despite the fact that she’s 7 inches shorted than most working models! The model/art student is not letting a tiny thing like that get her down, and she clued Galore in on her goals in the modeling world, products she always carries, and the only skirt she needs for spring. See it all below!


How do you balance being a model and being a student?

A lot coffee! And a planner. I’m not that organized but that’s the one thing I must have in order to stay on track. It also helps that my boss at work is extremely understanding of everything so when I have to work on homework or have a shoot that comes up, she’s willing to be flexible with me.

What’s your number one goal as a model? How will you know that you’ve “made it”?

I’d love to either walk in NYFW or be in Vogue! Personally, I’ll feel as though I’ve made it when shorter models are recognized more in the industry and I can work on the same level as other models that are 7 inches taller than me. Every shoot I book I feel as though I’m taking steps towards my goals. I have so many things I want to accomplish within the next year and I’m excited to see where the universe takes me!

Describe your personal style in three words.

Simple and relaxed but edgy.

#1 tip for keeping skin and hair healthy despite a hectic schedule?

I wash my face at least once a day! Regardless of if I’ve spent the night out and just want to crash with my makeup on, I force myself to wash it and use moisturizer with SPF. For my hair, I honestly try not to wash it more than 2-3 times a week and just use dry shampoo from Lush. Every time I do wash it, I wash with purple shampoo and leave a hair mask in for five minutes. Although I love keeping my hair white blonde, I try to only get my roots done once a month or once every two months instead of at the first sign of my roots. Embrace them! Make it work!

3 products you always carry with you no matter what?

Chapstick, my phone and water.

What trends do you foresee for Spring?

Personally, I think that Spring trends tend to repeat themselves but I foresee a bigger demographic wanting sportswear silhouettes and fabrics, sheer yet not overtly sexy, and color! I’m the first to say “just get it in black” but I’m hoping to see more people (including myself) wearing color and mixed prints that aren’t necessarily floral this Spring.

What wardrobe items are you gonna be living in this Spring/ Summer?

I just got this amazing midi suede skirt from H&M that I’m hoping I can mix and match with a variety of things, high neck tanks from Free People in every color (they’re only 20 bucks, I love them) and my bathing suit! I wanna try and get to the beach more this summer.


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