Why Zero Calorie Shit Is Making You Fat

galore_mag_diet_cokeIf you’re reading this, set down the diet Coke. Pour your zero calorie Red Bull down the drain. And Yeezus help you, chuck all those Splenda packets that have collected at the bottom of your purse into the trash! Why? Because zero calorie shit is making you fat, and we can’t have our Galore girls thinking they’re making healthy diet choices when in reality they are inviting love handles into their lives. Zero calorie sweeteners screw with your metabolism by tricking your brain into thinking you need more cals to compensate for the sweets you’re consuming. Next time you eat a meal, no matter how healthy and kale inclusive, your body will hang onto the calories and store them as fat, instead of digesting everything ASAP as it should. Another unintended consequence? As you get used to continuous sweet intake, your body adjusts and craves it more and more. You may find yourself on the kitchen floor at 3 am in a Snickers coma if you don’t limit the faux sweetener intake. Moral of the story? If you must drink Coke, drink the regular version!! Try not to sweeten your iced coffees with Splenda and use regular sugar or Stevia instead, or just don’t sweeten it at all. Real and natural is the best. Even if it’s a few more calories right now, your body will thank you in the long run.

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