Zayn Malik Covers “No Type”, And 3 Other Acoustic Rap Covers

Zayn Malik just dropped a remix of Rae Sremmund’s “No Type”, the first development in the solo career he’s been promising his fans since his high profile split from One Direction earlier this year. Whether you like it or not, the song definitely recalls a million other bizarre rap acoustic covers that have made their way around the internet, which are also usually equally embarrassing and appealing, Remember these?

1. Niykee Heaton’s “Love Sosa”: She’s blonde, she’s got fake nails, and she’s singing a Chief Keefe song as though it’s a Mariah Carey song. 

2. Anya Marina transforms T.I. into the most sing-along-able track of all time.

3. This might not count as a an acoustic rap cover since it’s not acoustic and it’s originally a Cassie song, but this version is way better. 

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