3 Ways To Spice Up Your V-Day Using Zana Bayne x Marc Jacob’s New Collab


A new collaboration was just released and this time it’s starring Queen of Bondage – Zana Bayne. Collabs take two to tango, so who did our fairy goth mother decide to work with? None other than Marc Jacobs, of course! Explore your risky side through this capsule collection filled with leather chokers, heart masks, mini whips, and chained collars. It’s selling out faster than we can click refresh!

This Valentine’s Day collaboration came just in the knick of time! If you’ve been feeling uncreative as of late, no need to fear. Zana Bayne x Marc Jacobs did all the thinking for you! Here’s 5 ways to spice up your V-Day with this new capsule collection.

1. Use a blindfold. You don’t need to look at him if he’s talking dirty in your ear.


2. Slap him with your leather whip, then let him spank you with it.


3. Wear a choker. There’s no better day to play rough.


Model: Ali Michael @ IMG

Photo: Todd Pendu

Stylist: William Graper

Make-Up Artist: Michael Anthony @ Wilhelmina

Hair: Ryan Austin

Nails: Jessica Tong

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