How To Keep Your Curls On Point In Rain And Humidity

It’s been raining like a b!tch in LA, and rain is to curly girls what kryptonite was to Superman. Seriously, the minute you check Apple Weather when you wake up and see storm clouds rather than happy little sunshines on the screen, you know your best bet is to throw your hair into a braid, pull out your favorite hoodie sweatshirt to hide the frizz, and call it a day. However, if you want to let your glorious locks down instead of brainstorming new ways to conceal frizz, you’re in luck with Yvonne Logan‘s curly hair tips. Memorize these for the days of humidity ahead.
What are the best products for taming curly frizz?
Any Carol’s Daughter mask, they’re amazing! Plus Living Proof, Joico, and always coconut oil.
Honestly, should curly haired girls brush their hair?
This question is a constant battle for me. But yes, I usually like to brush my hair before I go to bed, and the following morning I reform my curls with water and leave-in conditioner.
How can curly girls maintain straightened hair for as long as possible?
Try not to use water shampoo as much, and start trying to use dry shampoo a little more. Batiste is pretty good for that. It is also good if you want to add a little volume to your straighten hair too.
What’s the best deep conditioning treatment and leave in conditioner for enhancing curls without making them goopy?
Again, I love Carol’s Daughter for deep conditioner because it really moisturizes my ends, and leaves my hair feeling clean rather then having a filmy layer of grease over my strands. It’s all-natural with no parobens, no petroleum, no mineral oil, and nothing artificially colored. For a leave-in condition to use on the daily, I love It’s a 10. It’s a lighter leave in conditioner and doesn’t weigh down my curls like other leave-ins do.
How can you embrace, rather than fight against, your natural texture?
The more I let my hair be free, the happier I am with it! My hair has a personality of its own, so I like to see how different my curls are every day. I think that’s how I have finally embraced my curls.
What’s the easiest fix for a crazy hair day?
Brush your curls out, spray regular water all over it just to make it a little damp, and add your favorite leave-in conditioner to reform your curls and then let it air dry
How can straight haired chicks get waves for summer?
I would say braid your hair before you go to bed/ wear a messy bun. You can also always use an iron and brush your curls out. Or, try sea salt spray.
What’s a curly hair saver that you can take with you in your bag?
Aways have a scrunchy to throw your curls up! As for products, I like to carry a little “It’s a 10” leave in to give my curls life, or tame the life out of them!
Interview By Stephanie
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