Yumi Zouma Reveal The Secret To Long Distance Relationships

2015 is set to be the year of Yumi Zouma. The New Zealand dream-pop trio are fresh off a tour with Lorde, have a successful debut EP under the belts and are hitting the ground running for 2015. Prepare yourself, because their enchanting pop music will leave you with a constant case of daydreaming. In a Galore Mag exclusive, the members of Yumi Zouma dish the truth about Lorde, what’s new for Yumi Zouma and making long-distance work.

Galore Mag Yumi Zouma

How much has fate played a part in Yumi Zouma? Do you believe in fate?
I’m not sure I believe in fate… I believe more in timing which had and still has a lot to do with Yumi!

Tell us about your unique writing process. Do you think this could be the future of song-writing for bands?
We write and collaborate in separate geographical locations with the aid of wifi. Everyone does it now! It’s very liberating to have an hour free in your evening to work on music and not be reliant on where you band is or what their plans are.

So you’re all basically in a long-distance relationship. Any tips on making long-distance work?
iMessage, understanding, surprise visits and polygamy.

Name a song that reminds you of home – a soundtrack to your New Zealand.

“Anchor Me” by The Mutton Birds.

Give us the dish on Lorde – what can you tell us!?
She was lovely. An amazing performer and songwriter. She likes Tiramisu and has excellent taste in catering.

Galore Mag Lorde Yumi Zouma

Looking back on 2014 – what pop culture trend could you just not get behind?
Delta’s new SkyMiles program.

What does the horizon of 2015 look like for Yumi Zouma?
Touring, writing, living and loving.

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