Everything You Need To Know About Style Stunner Yui Yasuda

Yui Yasuda is a style stunner to watch. Her on fits are always on point and following her Instagram is full of endless entertainment. We decided to link up with this babe to get to know about her a little more, find out below!


1. What are 3 things that turn you on?

Seeing someone who’s gorgeous, hearing a story about someone who’s trying really hard and someone who’s challenging himself or herself with something.

2. What’s one quote or phrase you live by?

Always be impartial to everything in life.

3. Are you the type to kiss first or to wait to be kissed?

Depends on my mood!

4. If you were an animated character, who would you be?

Fujiko-chan, who appears in “Rupan Sanse.”

5. What’s one food you couldn’t live without?

Boiled egg!






Photography By Maya Kibbel

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