You’re One Step Closer To Prince Charming With This Disney Dating Site

As much as we may have loved growing up with Disney, we can certainly place some of the blame for our unrealistic expectations of men onto Mr. Walt Disney and his princes. After all, we’re not getting invited to balls, we’re getting invited to “Netflix and chill.” No guy is searching the whole town after meeting us, he’s more likely to forget our name after one night. The closest we’ve come to “Happily Ever After” is finding a guy to make us his #womancrushwednesday.

If we were to designate a polar opposite of Prince Charming, it would probably be that creepy dude on Tinder whose opening line is “tits or GTFO” and whose pictures consist of his shirtless selfies in the mirror.

But, what if not all dating apps brought creepy guys? What if there was a really a dating app designated for you to find your “prince charming?”

Thanks to MouseMingle, you may be one step closer to Happily Ever After.

MouseMingle isn’t a dating sites for rodents, it’s a dating site for Disney-holics. If you’ve ever felt embarrassed about the fact that you still sleep with a Donald Duck stuffed animal or that you’ve been Snow White for six Halloweens in a row, have no fear, there’s a lover out there for you!

The founder Dave Tavres dreamed up this magical idea after a 2011 trip to Disney Land. As a Disney devotee himself, he wondered where he could meet other Disney lovers within his age range and his geographical area.

Users of the site pay $12.55 each month (55 cents as an ode to 1955, the birthdate of the original Disney Land theme park). Once a member, you can view other potential mates profiles and exchange messages. After all, how else will you know just how obsessed your date is with Disney?

For a Disney lover, this site may be too good to be true. Hopefully we can throw the whole “opposites attract” idea out the window and assume that two people will fall madly in love with each other and be planning their honeymoon to Disneyland before they can say “Mickey Mouse!”

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