You’re Not The Only Girl He’s Seeing


Why does it seem as though men have a natural aversion towards monogamy these days? It’s almost too much to expect these days from guys.

Say you meet someone and go on a few dates, but then you find out he’s doing the same thing with 3 other girls. But of course if you call him out on it then you seem crazy and obsessive because you two “aren’t even officially together“. Such a low blow dude.

Women are seen as crazy if they only see one man and feel hurt if he’s seeing other girls. But women are never seen as genuinely caring about the future of that relationship or sweet for investing feelings into the partnership. Or hell, even loyal for only seeing and talking to one dude.

I get that we live in a world now where we have infinite options. Whether it’s with delivery, movies, music, and now, partners. If men weren’t into the idea of monogamy before then they certainly have no interest in it now.

Maybe it’s just a New York thing. Or maybe it’s starting to spill over into other cities. But guys find dating around to be a very natural thing. Not only that, but it requires almost no effort from them. I mean think about it. It takes less than 5 seconds to shoot out a booty call text.

But being able to constantly seek out the next big thing is starting to affect how we chose our partners. It’s lowering our quality and racking up the quantity.

Sure, guys may decide to date someone for a bit, but they’ll always try to keep another eye open for someone they can upgrade to. That is unless you meet a pretty decent dude. Then I’d suggest you hold on to him for a bit longer.

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