Why You’re Not Ready For A Relationship


We are a generation that thrives on ideas, dreams and goals. We can’t sit still and we definitely can’t even be decisive about something so simple as picking out a place to meet friends for dinner.

Which why we’re not ready for relationships.

If you think about it from an adults perspective (because sh*t is hard to see when you’re only in your twenties) it’s a lot of f*cking work to have a successful relationship. I mean it’s more effort than having a dog.

And I know most of us have zero time to take care of ourselves as it is, let alone a pet. I mean I’m still debating if getting a plant is the move for me.




Sure, plants don’t require that much commitment, but it’s still enough where it needs some attention. Some water from time to time. Sprinkle some food. Clean that brown water out. Super tricky though because I’m barely home as it is. See my dilemma?

But back to relationships: they require hard work and dedication. It’s the same thing as playing Jenga. If you get a tad lazy or don’t focus on it so much, then it will collapse. And all the time you spent trying to win will ultimately back fire on you.

And that’s time that you can’t get back. And time you could have spent on bigger goals.


We shouldn’t even have a hashtag for relationship goals. We should have one for life goals. Sure, having someone join us on our journey of life is half the fun, but there’s no need to focus all of our energy on that.

This is the time we need to take advantage of to build ourselves up. We can’t be in a relationship because we need to learn who we are and what we want before we drag someone into our lives. And sure, you may think you have your sh*t together, but you don’t.

And if you’re looking for someone to fall back on because you actually have no idea what you want to do with your life then that’s not saying much either.


Because your twenties are when you should be focusing on yourself. And if you happen to attract someone along the way then definitely keep them around. But in terms of all this looking for love crap and going out of our ways to find it, it’s pointless.

A friend of mine once said love was for Hollywood and Hallmark. And until I finish working on myself and then find that special someone who can melt my icy heart, I’m going to stick to that saying.

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