You’re More Likely To Fall For a F*ckboy During This Time In Your Life

No matter how smart or badass you are, we’ve all fallen for a f*ckboy before.

Maybe not like, head over heels, but maybe you entertained the thought of something coming out of your hookups before knocking yourself back to reality. Or maybe you found yourself bummed he didn’t hit you with his usual “you up” text one Saturday night.

Why do we fall for f*ckboys? Well, there are a slew of reasons, but one of them might have to do with timing and what’s going on in your life.

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You might be more likely to fall for a player when you’re going through a time of extreme life change, according to Maria Konnikova, author of The Confidence Game: Why We Fall for It … Every Time.

Granted, Maria was talking about con artists in her interview for NY Mag, not f*ckboys – but they’re kind of the same thing!

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The good news is that it’s really not your fault for falling for one, as there’s no specific type of person who gets played repeatedly – unless your BFF warned you multiple times, then it is your fault.

“It’s not actually a matter of being trusting or having a certain type of predisposition [that makes you vulnerable to con artists],” Maria explained to NY Mag. “People who are going through times of extreme life change, for instance, are very vulnerable to con artists because you lose your equilibrium.”

What constitutes an extreme life change? Maria said there are particular studies that point to when people have lost jobs, but it can also be when something good happens, because you become less skeptical of positive occurrences.

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Have you ever moved to a new city and subsequently fallen for a douche? Or have you fallen extra hard for an asshole when you were on the rebound from a serious relationship? Well, maybe it was because you were extra vulnerable during that time with all the changes going on! Never say never, but it definitely makes a case for why you shouldn’t make time for boys when major shit is going down in your life.

Just like with a con artist, if something feels fishy, ask someone else for their opinion! If your friend doesn’t have a good feeling about your new Bumble date, there’s probably a reason.

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