Your Ultimate Guide To Juicing


Need a reason to start juicing? How about making a list of things to do for all the crazy energy you’re going to suddenly be having. Or how about watching Fat, sick, and nearly dead? What about losing weight without trying very hard? If you don’t have the time or don’t want to scarf down the recommended serving of two bowls of greens a day then juicing is your easy way out.

“Juicing means using fresh, homemade vegetable and fruit juices to supplement your diet or as a temporary meal replacement for the purpose of improved health and/or weight loss”

Personally, I myself, and a few other of my comrades have fallen victim to jumping into the juicing diet too quickly. Yes it is great, and no it does not have to be a fad. If you do jump into it too quickly make sure to be near a bathroom at all times, don’t be alarmed though. Start slow; make sure you ease your way into juicing so you give your body some time to adjust to a sudden lack of food. I’m not saying to completely expel food from your diet either, do what you’re most comfortable with .

Now if you’re like me you’ve probably already hit Google and realized that it doesn’t have all the answers like you might have once believed.

Is It Going To Be Hard?

Answer, heck yeah. You’re going to wake up on the second day dreaming your fingers are French fries, don’t try to eat them, no matter how groggy you are. Good news is it’s going to get better. After day three you’re used to this new juice phenomenon and can finally see others eat without it sending you into a mood.

Can I Juice Forever?

Yes, but would you really want to though? Somewhere out there a juicy burger is waiting to be eaten by you. Technically if you juiced properly, you could juice until you died. Just take extra special care to make sure you have plenty of protein and all the other great stuff your body needs.

Should I Only Juice Vegetables?

Heck no. Juice anything and everything you want. Including nuts! (Make sure you soak them before you juice them though) Get everything in there and experiment with all kinds of tastes (Then come back and tell me which taste works best.)

I’ve Completed This Juicing Ordeal, Can I Eat Now?

Yes! Eat, but eat cautiously. If you haven’t already started giving yourself small portions of solid foods then don’t dive into the greasiest heaviest thing you can find.

The main goal people have when they start a juicing diet is weight loss. So first step, pick a set time you want to juice for. Although you could juice everyday forever, if you’re going to be substituting food, make a timeline. Especially for newbies. Pick a start date, and then pick an end date. Now you juice.

Things To Juice For Energy:



      Oat (mix them right into your finished juice)


      Almonds (Let them soak first so they don’t ruin your juicer)

Things To Juice For Great Skin:

      Avocado (It sounds weird but it taste great)







      Lemons (You don’t even have to peel them)

Things To Juice For Their Taste:






Now let’s say 10 hrs. into it you absolutely hate it and can no longer do it. Don’t sweat it! You’re juicing experience is yours only and you can always try it again at another time! Remember that it is all about you and your new juice.

Indulge in your new liquid weight loss road to beautiful skin and abundance of energy.

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