Your Late Summer Trend Forecast From Jewlery Designer Vanessa Mooney

“There’s a feeling one gets when they touch or hold a piece of jewelry or clothing. An energy or zing! I try to achieve that in my work,” said Vanessa Mooney, the metal and stone jewlery designer whose pieces are everywhere, from NastyGal, to your local Urban Outfitters, to Bloomingdale’s. “How you look and feel creates such an immediate effect on others. It’s a riot to be able to play around with it and not be stuck in just one style,” the designer told Galore. That’s why she’s letting us know what upcoming jewlery trends we have to look foreward to, and giving us an exclusive sneak peek of her Indian Summer collection!


“When designing Indian SummerI was the most inspired and happy listening to other people’s words, ideas, hopes, and experiences. My whole being becames freed and light when collaberating with others like that.”


“I love mixing metals, like brass with gold and all the different tones. I get super excited when my piece turns out looking like something you found on a road trip in an old vintage store, that belonged to some beautiful or interesting woman from times past. I want it to feel like there is a story and a history behind everything I make.”


Every season I am create something that becomes a new favorite of mine. You should see my home. All my favorites from the past years cover all surfaces of my bedroom! My mother once gave me a hand carved ivory unicorn over an amethyst pendant. I have never to this day seen anything like it. From this collection, I love the ‘Thunderstruck’ diamond pieces and diamond shark tooth necklaces.”


“I’m loving pieces that are beautiful, simple and delicate, but still interesting and different! For Fall, keep an eye out for longer drappier necklaces and silver big time!”

Can’t Wait for the Next Collection? Vanessa Mooney’s ‘Indian Summer’ Will Be Out July 16!

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