Your Instagram Stories can now live forever on your main page

A year ago, we all rolled our eyes as Instagram decided to launch its Stories feature, a.k.a. just a copycat of Snapchat.

We all vowed not to betray our first love, Snapchat, the only social networking site where we could document our memories but they didn’t have to live on a feed permanently. Snapchat was the perfect way to record a drunken night out, because people could only see your smeared makeup self for 24 hours.

Then, some of our most worshiped influencers adopted the Instagram Stories feature, and soon, we all began to drop Snapchat because we realized the convenience of using one app for everything. How difficult is it to take videos of the exact same thing for two different networking apps? (Don’t even get me started about Facebook’s new story feature…)

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Now, Instagram is rolling out yet another life changing feature. Today is the launch of Instagram Highlights. It’s a place on the top of your profile where you can display your best stories, well beyond 24 hours. And even the ones you don’t choose will automatically be saved to an archive that only you can see, so you never have to worry about loosing your footage from a night out ever again.

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Don’t worry, you can choose to opt out of Highlights and Archive if you don’t want your bar-hopping adventures made permanent. But now that we all curate our Instagram Stories just as much as we curate our main feed, you might as well save your faves.

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