You’ll Freak Out When You See Who Plays Kim’s Dad In The OJ Simpson Miniseries

The People Vs. OJ Simpson will premiere on FX tomorrow night, kicking off the 10-part miniseries exploring the trial and legend of OJ Simpson, beloved American football player, actor, and uh, wife-murderer.

Cuba Gooding Jr. plays OJ, the first in a list of has-been actors from the 90s casted for the series. Robert Kardashian, OJ’s close confidante and lawyer (Kim Kardashian’s dad), will be played by none other than David Schwimmer, aka Ross from Friends.

Yup, these are Kim’s dads.

Kris Jenner (who’ll be portrayed by Selma Blair) reportedly helped the former Ross prepare for his big role.

“What I discovered about Robert was he was a man of great faith,” Schwimmer told Entertainment Weekly. “He was a religious man. He had a very personal relationship with God. Prayed daily, before every meal, every meeting. I think that formed his sense of moral obligation to stay with O.J., and it wasn’t for him to judge.”

Schwimmer also said he has “no strong opinion about the Kardashian clan”, which makes him the single person in the universe to feel that way. At press time, Mr. Schwimmer hasn’t responded to Galore’s request for comment.

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