You Can Order Wings and Pizza Via Facebook Messenger On Super Bowl Sunday

Even if you don’t care about football whatsoever, the Super Bowl is always a lit time.

You have an excuse for a Sunday Funday, beer is involved, and you can eat a ton of hot wings.

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But this Super Bowl is going to be extra lit, do you know why? It’s not because the Patriots are playing (again) and it’s not because Lady Gaga may or may not make a political statement during a bunch of conservative football fans, it’s because you can officially order wings and pizza via Facebook Messenger on game day.

Crazy, right? Crazy beautiful, you mean.

The “Domino’s Bot” on Facebook chat will allow you to type in your order for pizza, wings, and maybe even cinna-stix if you’re feeling freaky. You can also track the order (you know, since you’ll be patiently waiting at the door hungry af).

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The best part is that this deal isn’t only for Super Bowl Sunday, it’s available right now if you want, and also for the next Saturday night where you’re drunk, hungry, and don’t feel like talking to anybody on the phone.

All you have to do is search “Domino’s Pizza” in your Facebook Messenger, and the bot should come up.

Sure, technology might suck sometimes, but technological advances like these make it worth the while.

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