This App Lets You Stalk Your Ex Freely

It only happens late at night, when you’ve had too much too drink and the DJ ended the night with a slow song. You’re nonchalantly scrolling through Instagram before passing out with your bowl of popcorn, and you decide to see what your ex has been up to. Obviously, you don’t follow him anymore, but you still know his username by heart. So you type @itsnickbro into the search bar and check out his page. Still barely even three hundred followers, embarrassing…Still posting stupid pics of his Natty Light in front of the TV on game day…and wait…is that another girl?!

I mean, yeah, you guys broke up months ago, and you were never even that serious…but, the audacity! She looks like a reject back-up dancer from a Justin Bieber video…is she even 18?! Not to mention they look super awkward in that pic together…who even really uses the hashtag #womancrushwednesday? So passe.

You quickly fall asleep with no plans to think of your ex the next day, until you wake up to a FB message from him asking, “why’d you like that pic of me and my girl on Instagram? Was that supposed to be passive aggressive or some shit? You really are crazy.”

Sirens are blaring in your mind. Fuck, you must’ve accidentally hit “like” while scrolling through his feed! You should’ve known better than to drink and insta-stalk! Why does Instagram make it so damn easy? It’s like they’re trying to create drama. Now you have to think of some witty and reasonable response as to why you liked his photo when you don’t even follow him…

Thankfully for you, you now will never have to worry about being caught stalking someone again, whether it’s your ex or your new crush. Say hello to Instasnoop, the app that prevents you from accidentally liking photos.

Instasnoop was created by model Olivia Orchowski, who admits that she came up with the idea while stalking her ex’s new bae. Not only does the app ensure that you won’t accidentally double-tap, but it also allows you to zoom in on photos, view mutual follows, and create a “Instasnoop” list (for those you don’t follow, but still want to check on).

While we don’t advise that you stalk your ex regardless, if you’re going to do it, at least make sure you won’t get caught.

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