You’re Not A B*tch, You’re Badass


Women have certainly evolved over time. Adapting to new lifestyles, modern technology, and the modern day man.

And most of us don’t put up with bullsh*t or shade we may receive from the opposite sex anymore. In fact, we challenge it. Men think they’re ahead of the game because women just started to play. But what they don’t know is that we invented it.

For a long time we were told to keep our mouths shut, be polite, and always use our manners. This is still very true for today, except for the keeping quiet part. If something or someone is bothering us, we’re not afraid to call them out. We are strong enough to voice our opinions and call out the liars and cheats when we see them.

But the problem I’m seeing today is how women who do this, women who aren’t afraid to state the facts, are seen as b*tches by men. Well, of course they also use cold, unemotional, ruthless, uncaring, self-interested, mean, etc. Which brought me to wonder why women in relationships who don’t put up with sh*t from their partners aren’t seen as badass instead?

And I mean this in rational terms. If you pour gasoline all over his car then you might be a little crazy.

But does anyone remember that film called The First Wives Club? Well if you don’t then you should stop reading my article and go find this movie. Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn, and Bette Milder are the main stars who get screwed over by their husbands. And instead of moping around or feeling sorry for themselves, they get even.

Sure, their ex-husbands think they have completely lost their minds when the women start to rightfully take what is theirs. But then they realize that seeking revenge will not make them any better than their scumbag ex-husbands. So they focus their energy on creating a nonprofit organization in memory of their college friend to aid abused women.

Yes, relationships that finally come to a close are tough and sting a lot, but it’s not the end of the world. And instead of seeking revenge or crying all day about our ex’s, we should take some advice from The First Wives Club. Okay, we can’t all start a nonprofit, but we should focus all the energy we’re wasting on being sad and put it towards work that makes us happy. The things that make us feel alive.

Because that’s really badass.

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