Ladies Perfect Your Twerking This Summer With DJ Yamez’s Trap Recommendations

NY staple DJ, DJ Yamez, is a trap aficionado. So if you’re trying to learn about that trap life, he’s the man to turn to. He shared with us some of his favorite trap records to get your twerk on to. Catch him tonight at House Party at Webster Hall

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Photo by Homer Parkes

1. Headphone- Activist Dread Clock

2. Tigerblood- Feel Like I do

3. Pyramid Juke- Diamonds

4. Hucci- End of the Story

How long have you been a DJ for?
DJing for 11 years, I was a skateboarder and fell into it.

Are you from new york?
I’m from Philapdelpia, I’m pretty much a new yorker. no one knows I’m not from new york.

Tell us more about what you’re bringing to House Party
Trying to bring the EDM club vibe, some of the Jersey club and Baltimore vibe.

What’s your genre of choice?
EDM, trap, down south, but I like a mesh of sounds.

Where else can we see you play?
Every Sunday at the flat, Chocolate sundays, Plank bar in Williasmburg, Fat Babyaby in LES.

What are you looking forward to this summer?
Hanging with my crew, going to parties and warm weather.

House Party April 24 - final

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