YesJulz Talks #NeverNotWorking And Finding Balance

Snapchat-aholic Julz Goddard is the beautiful brain behind YesJulz, a Snapchat account dedicated to bringing Miami’s social scene to the public- even those of us who are not lucky enough to live in Miami! While her life of constant parties, concerts, and events seems like a dream scenario to some, she’s so busy she uses #nevernotworking to describe her life. Julz gave us some insight about finding the balance between work, play, and relaxation, bridging the gap between cool and concious, and even some hints about the best artists to watch this year. Read our interview, below!


Why Snapchat over Instagram or Twitter?

Snapchat isn’t a popularity contest. It’s an A to B user platform that allows us to focus more on content and interaction and less on “who the best” is. I love that the content disappears because it allows us to be raw and in the moment, without a worry about presentation. Not much thought needs to go into content that is going to disappear, at least that’s how I see it. For me, Le Snap was a way for me to finally document my lifestyle & the building of my brand on MY terms without having to abide by a networks rules or be thrown onto some lame reality show with girls I would never actually hang out with (even though I had thought about taking one or two of those offers). Above all, my experience is that it is the most positive social media platform created to date. I have been using the internet to interact since Myspace. For the first time ever, I feel like the people I am sharing my life with on this platform are rooting for me. We are all here to motivate one another, share cool ideas and make each other smile. I love the snap!

How do you bridge the gap between cool and conscious?

I love what I do for a living. I think it is truly a beautiful thing to be able to create experiences that allow for hundreds of people to all be in one place, dancing & having the time of their lives. For however many hours people attend my events, their happiness is in my hands. I take that seriously, but I also believe that If I am blessed enough to have such a platform, I need to take it above and beyond by using my influence to give back to the community. I think a lot of people in my industry, or any industry that surrounds it…fashion, music, art…we get a bad wrap. The general public may look at us and generalize us as people who just love to party, people who may not care about our communities or about being balanced individuals in general. I know this because when I came to Miami, I thought the very same about my peers. I decided to start doing things like HashTagLunchBag, toy drives and weekly visits to the local children’s home. I would post on social media about the things I was doing and I saw a huge response from “the cool kids”. They wanted to help too! That’s when I realized we all have the same desire to be better, to do more. I made it my mission to not only create projects and events where we had the opportunity to do so, but to shed light on the fact that the influencers in our realm care, too. That’s when I began to actively work on “bridging the gap between cool and conscious”. I think we have done a great job so far, but we have barely scratched the surface.

What are the health/ world issues you’re concerned about right now and how do you remain conscious of these in your daily life?

There is so much going on in our world. It’s really scary, honestly. However- cancer, violence amongst the youth, underprivileged kids who don’t have the tools they need to become productive members of society, hunger, and prejudice are the problems that hit close to home for me. I am trying to continue to build my platform so that one day soon I can really have the tools necessary to make a difference. I try to be conscious by showing a good example. We all fall short sometimes, though.

What’s the most difficult part about #nevernotworking?

I miss my family. I miss my friends. My REAL friends. When you are all about work, this one vision that you must bring to fruition, it can become dangerous. Your work consumes you and you forget how to turn off. It’s a problem I am having right now, trying to find balance you know? (it’s literally 5 am as I am writing this. I have to be up at 8 am.) My friends just want to hang, do normal things like hit the beach or go out to eat. I never have time though. When I do have time, I am either so tired I’m no fun to hang with, or we have fun for about 5 minutes before I’m like “Hey guys what if we did this concert….” Blah blah blah. That’s why I am so blessed to have friends like Norma & Erik who share my passion and truly enjoy creating concepts for events and content. For my other friends though, the ones who don’t care to party or attend my events, it’s really hard to keep the bond strong with them. Oh and a love life? No chance.

How do you keep in touch with love interests when you’re always traveling?

Haha. As I mentioned above, I don’t have the time for that right now. I was home for 6 days total last month. I guess actors and athletes deal with crazy schedules and still have relationships. Maybe I am just making excuses because I am scared to get distracted. I am a Pisces, so I am either all in or all out. If I had a man in my life he would be all I think about. I’d fly wherever to see him whenever. I’d end up calling out sick all the time! That would be bad for business.

So you are always on the go! What’s your ideal outfit when you’re going out to night time events directly from a more casual day and don’t have time to change?

Anyone who watches my snap probably thinks I am gross and wear the same thing all the time, I literally have like 3 go to outfits that are just perfect for the day to night switch up. My favorite is a clean crop top (I am a Miami girl, after all) with a mid length Helmut Lang leather skirt, cute jacket to throw over and my black and white leather Ronnie Fieg Asics. Cute and comfy or the day, then I take off the jacket at night if I am feeling frisky.

Who is your favorite new artist to watch?

I have really enjoyed watching SZA’s growth. I think she is a beautiful soul and am secretly hoping for her to be our generations next Erykah Badu. I tried to book her to sing me happy b-day but she was under strict studio lock down getting her album ready. Can’t wait to hear it!

What album or movie can you not wait for this year?

This is a great question. I have to say Travis Scott, Frank Ocean & Banks all have me anxiously awaiting their releases this year. I’ve heard some of Trav’s…his growth is incredible. This is his year for sure. Everyone will be blown away by his next piece of work. 

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