How to Make the Perfect Valentine’s Day Bouquet for Cheap

We can’t even count the amount of times we’ve heard a guy insist that his girlfriend or even his mom “doesn’t like flowers.”

For whatever reason, some girls say they don’t need flowers and chocolates for certain special events and holidays (ahem, Valentine’s Day), maybe because we want to be that “cool girlfriend” that isn’t high maintenance or cliché.

But the truth is that no one can get mad about receiving flowers on Valentine’s Day, and most girls really do want them. Sure, you might prefer a Mercedes or a diamond link bracelet, but you still aren’t going to say no to flowers.

They’re so simple but so effective. Yes, they die eventually, but they also keep your bedroom looking 10 times more Pinterest-worthy for at least a week. And flowers delivered to your office or apartment are even better.

So whether you’re planning on surprising yourself at work with flowers or forwarding this link to your BF as a hint, here are tips and tricks to scoring a reasonably priced bouquet that looks luxurious. We spoke with an NYC based florist who says that the simpler the better when trying to create a bouquet on the cheaper side.

Sticking with one type of flower is an easy way to ensure that your bouquet looks elegant and not tacky. Luckily, that can also be a cheaper option. The florist recommends that you choose one single flower variety, such as lilies or roses, and stick to a monochromatic theme like red, pink or white.

No one really needs six different flowers to make them happy. If you really want to add another flower in the mix, the florist recommends eucalyptus as a cost effective option that also adds texture and depth.

If you want to be a little less basic, but are still new at this, she suggests creating an ombré effect by adding coral and orange flowers to the bottom of a red rose arrangement. She also brought up the idea to create multiple, smaller bouquets and use vases in different heights. If you’re good with your hands, try sprucing up the vase rather than the actual bouquet. A nicer vase will certainly bump up the “wow” factor of your flowers. She also cites chalkboard paint as a perfect way to make the vase personalized with a special message.

No matter how “low maintenance” someone might claim to be, everyone loves floral arrangement.

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