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Yelle-PetitBateau_1So yeah, I don’t speak French one bit, but Yelle‘s new tune “L’Amour Parfait” via Kitsuné is giving me an intense head-to-toe-goose-bumps/heart explosions/eargasms combo. And now I’m craving parfait. *Heads to closet French cafe* We chatted with Yelle about the new romantic dreamy gem, fashion, and how she’ll be spending her Valentine’s Day.

New music! Describe “L’Amour Parfait” in five words… go! 
It’s a single exclusive song! I would describe it in two words: PERFECT LOVE.
Let’s talk about the creative process of the new anticipated LP — how long did it take to write and record? Is the sound similar to your past work? 
We’re still in the process; it’s a long long process. Starting from nothing, trying things, being inspired, not being inspired… it’s actually a scary process. You don’t want to trust yourself too much cause you know it’s all about magic and work. But mainly magic. I can’t tell you how it will sound so far, but we are not used to doing the same things over and over. We like to challenge ourselves.
Do you have any pre-show rituals?
I get really focused for an hour — working my voice, doing my make up, and then we do some group hugs!
What’s on your tour rider? 
Kinder chocolates!
Yum! What would we find the most in your closet? And what is the most surprising item in your closet? 
Leggings! I have so many weird leggings! I would say the most surprising item is my brand new Burberry trench! So classic… surprise!
What are some of your favorite fashion-y music videos of all time?
Devo “Whip it”! Crazy cool!

So, if you can perform a duet with any musician in the world, who would it be?
Dave Gahan.
What tune are you currently obsessed with? 
“Cough cough” by Everything Everything, big big crush on that band.

DITTO! Major crush. Moving on. What’s the first concert you ever went to? And what’s the last concert you went to? 
My father! He is a folk singer. As for the latest concert, it was Chilly Gonzales in Los Angeles and he was amazing as usual. He is the best musician/entertainer!
Have any Valentine’s Day plans? (Besides releasing “L’Amour Parfait,” of course!) 
Nooo, I never plan this day. But you never know.
What is your favorite love/break-up song of all time? 
I would say “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush.

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