Yasmina Jones Dishes Her Secret Post Workout Beauty Tips

We decided to get some necessary beach time body tips from Photogenics model Yasmina Jones. She gave us her Southern Cali fitness tips along with her post workout beauty routine. If you’re looking for some bombshell worthy products, Yasmina dishes her go to secret weapons below! Check it out.

Galore Mag Yasmina Jones

Galore Mag Yasmina Jones

Photos By 333mm

Tips for girls who are new to working out?

Working out isn’t just accomplished by going to the gym and doesn’t have to be expensive. Find a workout that you enjoy whether it be swimming, surfing, Pilates or so on. It’s crucial to find a routine that works for your body type. That way you’ll actually enjoy working out and you’ll do it more often.

How do you get to the gym with such a busy schedule?

Like I mentioned earlier, if you have a workout routine that isn’t so structured in a specific place, you can work it into your schedule more easily. If I don’t get home until late after a busy day, it’s easy for me to pull out my yoga mat and find a spot at home to do some yoga. Then there’s no excuse to slack.

Cutest sports bra you own?

Incredible by Victoria Secret Strappy Back Sport Bra.

What are 3 essentials you always have in your gym bag?

I don’t have a gym bag because I don’t go to the gym. I do carry my handmade vintage leather Native Rainbow bag with me (literally everywhere I go) to keep healthy snacks such as dried mango and lemon juice on hand. I hike in the canyons which I find to be a more satisfying work out physically and mentally. I always carry my Sweaty Betty water bottle with me. Whenever I exercise, whether that be at my home in Laurel Canyon or my home in Joshua Tree, I always wear my classic Adidas sneakers.  

What’s your post-workout beauty routine?

I have a good combination of natural products and higher end ones. A long steam is essential to open up my pores, then I exfoliate with a fresh squeezed lemon juice and sugar scrub. A coconut oil hair mask twice a week is needed to replenish natural oils from heat damage. I use Mario Badescu Glycolic Grapefruit Cleanser on my face to remove any dead skin and then finish by moisturizing my with a classic Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel Creme. I use cocoa butter to moisturize my body and then before I leave the house, I have to put my Rimmel Cappuccino Lip Liner on

What’s your ride-or-die bikini?

Something simple and clean and that compliments my skin tone. I love a classic Calvin Klein luxe white bikini.

What do you do if you’re swimming in the ocean and your bikini top comes off?

I’d embrace it! I love swimming au natural, it’s extremely liberating. I’d be more upset about losing the top than showing my boobs.

Favorite healthy snacks to pack for a beach day? 

Almond butter, rice cakes, carrot juice, an almond milk cappuccino and a bottle of wine for later. Don’t forget your corkscrew – it’s always a nightmare at the beach when you forget to pack your corkscrew. 

We saw you have the cutest puppy on Instagram. Do you ever take him to work out with you?

His name is Laurel! I take him hiking with me in LA and in Joshua Tree because the weather is always so great and the hikes are so stunning. We normally hike 4-5 times a week. That’s definitely our favorite work out, although Laurel himself enjoys pulling me along on our hikes – he’s a 100 pound pitbull and often knocks me over because he’s so strong. 

Galore Mag Yasmina Jones

Galore Mag Yasmina Jones

Galore Mag Yasmina Jones

Photography: 335mm
Hair & Make Up: Cherish Brooke Hill

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