Yael Aflalo Designed A Clothing Line Specifically For Women With Big Boobs

Big boobs are a blessing. In middle school, I prayed every night that I would never get them, and now that I’m an adult, I wish maybe I’d held my tongue more. But then again, doesn’t everybody want bigger boobs? Yes. Except for the women who were born a little too blessed.

It’s a rarely talked about problem, but having big breasts comes with its own set of problems (or so I’m told). For those women, Yael Aflalo, creator of LA eco-friendly fashion label Reformation, came up with the “I’m Up Here” collection, a line of appareal tailored to meet the needs of women with a full C-DD cup.


Guy Lowndes/Reformation

Tired of her well-endowed friends complaining over what would have otherwise been a fabulous, mimosa-filled brunch, Aflalo decided to do something about the so-called “Big Boob Problems”. For those of you imaging a slew of drapey dresses that look like something your Mom would pick out for you to wear to your grandmother’s house, fear not. Aflalo’s collection is filled with midriff-bearing, laced up dresses with slits for days.

In an interview with The Guardian, Aflalo said, “We did a survey, and women said they were proud of their bodies but didn’t want to be completely on display. Most of us when getting dressed want to feel beautiful but not like we’re objectifying ourselves.”


Guy Lowndes/Reformation

The “I’m Up Here” first launched last year, and now it’s back with a second collection, which Aflalo feels is better than ever. What made the difference? Letting the women working at Reformation with bigger boobs try on all of the designs to see what really worked and what was just a nice idea.

Check out the “I’m Up Here” collection at Reformation’s website and remember, just because your friend has big boobs doesn’t mean she doesn’t suffer too.

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