Beauty Babe: Wynter Gordon Talks Music, Spirituality, Her Sweet Tooth, & Hat Hoarding


We took a moment to sit down with our Galore darling, Wynter Gordon. This diva lightens up every room she walks win, any stage she performs on, and even your Insta feed with each babely photo she decides to post. Her music is what we love about her the most, but lucky for us all, she decided to enlighten us on a few of her overall tips and tricks. See Wynter talk: spirituality, natural hair secrets, skin tricks (candy included), and her hat hoarding problems below.

You’ve made quite the transition over time with your music. What lead you to the style of music you create now?

It’s been quite the journey growing and evolving, arriving at a point where you know what you want and exactly how you want to express it. A lot of the content and aesthetic of the music that I am creating now is an organic blend of fantasy stories, old Western movies, futuristic comics, inspiring art and the immense sadness of love lost in my past and the happiness I’m now discovering within myself. It’s not dance music, it’s storytelling .

What inspires you?

I’ve been inspired by some pretty weird things LOL. The sound of the A train when the doors open, water dripping from the shower, watching my nephew run around the house free of inhibitions. I also spend a lot of time on the internet, finding young new-age painters, designers, photographers, producers and graphic artists. The internet is a cool, scary, but beautiful place to get lost.

You have a beautiful soul to match everything that you exude. I feel as though being spiritual is really important for your creative process. How do you bring those emotions and feelings into your music?

Thank you!! What an amazing thing to say to someone. I’m definitely a positive, spiritual person, but I’ve been through my fair share of heartache and real life BS. It’s those experiences that fuel my creativity. Thank god for music, it’s like therapy. It helps me deal with/hide my dark side, but it definitely still exists. I write ALL of my music and actually express myself better through written word. I would rather send someone a song then call them sometimes! But over all, I make a conscious effort to be positive, kind and generous. With all the crazy, horrific things going on around the world you really have to make an effort to look on the brighter side of things.

Does your personal aesthetic translate into your music? Does your music translate into your outfits? 

Music, fashion, art – they’re all a reflection of mood, so for me they go hand in hand. In addition to being obsessed with music, I’m a really visual person, like I said I’ll spend hours looking photographs, art and decor. I’m often musically inspired by things I find visually stimulating.

We love when you wear a hat! What’s your favorite big hat you own?

Thanks! I own about 90 hats…it’s ridiculous! I’m starting to feel like it could qualify as hoarding. I order most of my hats from Kakadu in Australia. My favorite is so worn down I can’t wear it anymore :(.

You are ALWAYS changing up your hair styles! Any secrets to keeping it healthy and strong?

I used to change it up more frequently but for the past couple years I’ve been wearing my hair long and dark, except for my big braids which I’ve been seeing a lot on Pinterest. I wish I had a secret, but you know how it goes—there are no short cuts to healthy hair, other than taking care of it. When it comes to styling I like simplicity. I like hair that’s healthy and not overdone. I wear my natural hair so I use a lot of conditioner and blow it out sometimes to add length. I might go for something more rock’n’roll in the future.

When you perform, what beauty look do you usually go for?

I like my makeup to look NATURAL. Skin should look like skin! Make-up is the best when you can’t tell someone is wearing it. I can’t leave the house without a lip though, usually Tarte. I’ve also got so many MAC  products. When I’m doing creative editorial shoots I tend to go a bit more edgy .

Where are your favorite places to shop?

Aside for my ritual flea market finds, I’m a dedicated online shopper. Name a site and I’m on it.

Secret products for flawless skin? Or any old ritual you’ve been taught by your mother, grandmother, etc?

I use Dermologica  products, but my skin is a direct reflection of my lifestyle so the best thing for it is just to be healthy. I eat really healthy (which isn’t easy with a sweet tooth the size of mine), drink lot of water, get as much sleep as possible and moisturize regularly. I still get the odd pimple, always at the most inopportune times, but healthy living has made my skin better. One cool thing I learned is to moisturize in an upward motion- never too young to start caring about wrinkles!

Statement jewelry makes up a big part of your look. Where do you find your big necklaces and bracelets?

I make my own jewelry.

When can we expect new Wynter Gordon music?

In the next couple months. 

Any advice for aspiring musicians?

Nobody has the answers, but I would say be diligent with your craft and follow your vision 🙂





Photos By Hannah Sider
Styled By Phil Gomez
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