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I’ve had a serious music crush on Wynter Gordon for some time now. But it’s her latest epilepsy-heavy music video for “TKO” (featuring The Oxymorons) which gave me major heart explosions and an “is my coffee roofied?” mind f***albeit in a good way. A REALLY good way. The aptly titled “TKO” is some serious transcendent pop banger OMFG sizzling hot shit, you guys. It also helps that she boasts enviable model looks, rafter-reaching pipes and an entourage of ’90s-raver-clad cuties. In a sea of ZZzzZZzzZ-inducing recycled pop starlets, Wynter really knows how to warm a gay up. So thanks for that, girl. Read on for my chit-chat with pop music’s savior while I cool down by making snow angels on St. Mark’s Place.

What is your zodiac sign? What are the ups and downs of being this sign? I’m a Virgo. I’m passionate about everything I do. I’m a thinker — it’s hard to go to sleep sometimes with all the thoughts in my head.

What is your spirit animal? A wild stallion running free in the wind.

What would your wedding song be? I want something that sounds epic but it doesn’t have to be about love. Something like Enya’s “Only Time” or the score to ‘The Lord of the Rings’.

Rihanna, Solange, Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, et al all want to collab with you. But there can only be one! Who would you pick and what would  you want the sound to be like? Solange. We would make some indie pop gold and have a  good time doing it. She seems so down to earth and free-spirited. I do like all the ladies though.

Favorite Twitter-er:  Kanye used to drop the funniest lines ever — he was entertaining on Twitter. “I always misspell genius !! smh the irony!”

Favorite Instagram-er: It’s a collaborative effort of many.

First CD you owned: It was prob some alternative christian band like Jars of Clay, but I did own a bunch of old Motown records

Last iTunes’ Download: “Doused” by DIIV

Last Meal: Last night I made Cajun fish gumbo with squash.

YUM. What are your Valentine’s Day plans? I’m gonna let fate decide… Like in high school wondering how many flowers will come for you via a secret admirer.

Same. Celeb Crush: Joseph Gordon Levitt has been my crush since ‘Third Rock From The Sun.’

OMG SAME. So, it’s NYFW… PLANS? I’m here and supposed to be going to  alot of shows if blizzard Nemo allows it. I wanna see the shoes at Alejandro Ingelmo.

If you were asked to werk a runway as a model, would you? And what should  would you wanna strut in? I Wouldn’t turn down the experience. I wish I could have been in the Givenchy tribute to 80s icons.

What is the sexiest item of clothing you own? These tight RVN pants really show off my curves!

Favorite place in the world for amazing street style? London and New York. I’ve never been to Japan but I’ve heard it was awesome. Individual style is a must.

Favorite model of all time? NAOMI!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I’ll prob change my name, be in a indie pop band, have a book or two out, living overseas with my sexy ass husband and my either biological kid or adopt a sweet baby.

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