WTF do you do with Instagram posts of your ex?

Breakups suck, there’s no doubt about it.

After the Relationship Grim Reaper wreaks havoc on your heart, psyche and sleep schedule, you realize that he overlooked a crucial aspect of your image: Instagram. What do you do with all of this leftover evidence of your failed relationship?

You have three options: keep, delete or archive the photos that have your ex in them or remind you of him or her. If you find yourself falling into the infinite loop of “wtf do I do with all the vacation pics of us?” train of thought, look no further.

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I took to my Instagram Story as a platform to recruit people for their opinions on the dilemma at hand. If you’re having trouble trying to figure out what you should do after a breakup, here’s a few takes.

People who keep

“I haven’t done anything to the ones I’m in with her, I just left them up. I think I’d only delete them if she did something awful like fuck my dad or something that extreme. The way I see it is they were definitely part of your life for a while, I don’t regret those moments and I don’t get mad or upset when I see those pictures.” – Ryan

“The concept of deleting pictures is weird to me because my ex was almost two years of my life and we’re kind of friends. We have the same group of friends so deleting them is like erasing the past and you shouldn’t ignore it you should smile and be happy it happened, EVEN THOUGH half the time he was a little ass.” – Natalie

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“KEEP. Sometimes you look way too good in a picture to delete it. You can’t sacrifice a good quality picture of yourself over someone no longer in your life?! Unless it ended with broken dishes and kitchen knives, I don’t see why a great photo of anyone should be deleted.” – John

People who delete

“Delete that shit, you don’t want them stalking your gram and reminiscing on your relationship. There is no trace of any previous guy on my feed, it’s almost like it never happened and I wanna keep it that way.” – Kirsten

“I would delete only if the other person deletes. My ex deleted ours the DAY AFTER we broke up, I wouldn’t delete them on my own out of spite I guess, plus if this douche didn’t have respect to keep photos of us then I have no respect to keep his up either. Also, I don’t want future men in my life to see how much of a tool bag my ex was.” – Christina

“Just in general, if I want any peace of mind, I just delete and move on. What should stay is going to stay but if I even question whether I should keep or delete something, then it should probably just be deleted. If you have to think too hard about it, just get rid of it and save yourself the aggravation.” – Simba

“Definitely delete them, you never want to be known as ‘so and so’s man.’ I felt like people were only seeing me as ____’s boyfriend, instead of for who I actually am and it really bummed me out when girls would always just bring her up the second we started talking. Cutting ties and images is the only way.” – Jacob

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“I basically deleted my entire Instagram after my last breakup. It ended so badly, and my Instagram for MONTHS was me in the Hamptons with him, he was a society douche and I legitimately just needed a fresh start. I couldn’t look at all of it anymore because my life LOOKED so perfect but it was actually so awful.” – Anna

People who archive/scheme

“I had a boyfriend for a really long time, longer than Kim Kardashian’s first and second marriage combined for perspective. Things broke off really badly, but I always felt maybe we would work things out. So instead of deleting the pictures I archived them, because if we ever did get back together I could just re-earth them and that way I wouldn’t have to feel like I was deleting someone from my memories.” – Rachel

“My girlfriend and I broke up for the summer, she deleted me on all social media, so to make her sweat a little I archived the photos of us off my profile. I knew her friends would screenshot it and send it to her to get her all frazzled. She then deleted the pics of us off of her profile. A few weeks go by and I get a follow request from her, right before I accept it I un-archive the photos to completely mind fuck her, she texts me hours later apologizing for deleting the photos of us off of her profile and that she felt petty. She still has no fucking clue.” – Frank

“I archived all the photos of my ex on my Instagram because I loved our relationship even though it came to an end. I don’t have it in me to delete once such meaningful moments. My ex took me on vacation with him and we had such great memories from it. Even though I deleted every picture of him off my computer and phone for good, I saved the photos that I Instagrammed for some type of keepsake. I’ll look back in a few years and smile at them and remember how I felt in them. I chose to archive them so I would have them in a safe spot, but I felt like they didn’t belong on my profile anymore.” – Emily

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