#WTF: Quite Possibly The Most Random Commercial In The World?

NO, like, we’re pretty sure this takes the cake…or, better yet, Hot Pocket! In a rather odd but amazing move, the microwavable pastry company called upon one of the industry’s most talked about ladies as of late, Miss Kate Upton, and probably one of the least talked about people recently, Snoop Dogg, to star in their latest commercial. In it, Snoop Dogg serenades the model with a reworked version of Biz Markie’s Just a Friend, with lyrics like, “You, you got what I eat, but you say you’re just a baker, but you’re my Hot Pocket maker. I need your hot, buttery crust. You make that steak and cheese that brings me to my knees.” We’re not really sure where they were going with this one, but we’re TOTES not mad at it. See the weirdness in its entirety, below!

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