WTF: 5 Celebs That Should NEVER Go Blonde AGAIN!

Everyday, a celebrity somewhere in the world decides to take the plunge and go blonde, and while for some this change is a positive one, for others its just a hot f***ing mess. Whether its some gay hair stylist telling them it’s “FIERRRCE!” or not, these girls don’t realize the sensitivity of such a drastic change on both their personal and professional lives, and some people never recover from it (Okay that’s a little melodramatic, but you get my point!). Check out our top 5 celebs that we think should NEVER try it again!

5. Zooey Deschanel
We love Zooey, but like…no.
4. Anne Hathaway
Oh, Anne.
3. Victoria Beckham
You just don’t have the coloring, doll! (But who cares, you have David!)
2. Kim Kardashian
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She just can’t stop!
1. Chris Brown
Even Dennis Rodman agrees with us here.

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