Would You Eat Breast Milk Ice Cream Named After Lady Gaga?

Oops, sorry, your answer is irrelevant because Lady Gaga isn’t a fan of her name being used to peddle ice cream made from the human mammary gland.

The pop star with a fetish for extravagant footwear sent a cease and desist letter to British “punk ice cream maker” The Lickators on behalf of their “Royal Baby Gaga” ice cream flavor, and is threatening to sue should they fail to take their human breast milk, vanilla, lemon concoction off the market within the next 14 days.

While The Lickators hear where she’s coming from, they’re unmoved by her plea – although they’re happy to be getting so much free publicity.  As the New York Daily News reports, according to the ice cream company, “the flavor was actually named to commemorate the May birth of Princess Charlotte, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s second child.”

While the word of a British ice cream company that gets its kicks from taking breast milk away from innocent babies can hardly be trusted, the fact that they sell tubs of “Royal Baby Gaga” with photos of Kate cradling the little baby Charlotte in her arms on the front pretty much speaks for itself.


The Lickators

As a gesture of goodwill, the Lickators are “sending complimentary tubs of our ice cream to Lady Gaga for chilling out to as a gesture of peace and goodwill,” said Matt O’Conner, the company’s head ice cream maker.

Here’s hoping they expedite shipping. There’s nothing more sour than spoilt breast milk ice cream…not that I would know from personal experience, or anything.

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