World’s First Adult Pre-School Is In Brooklyn

Who says you have to grow up? If you’re looking for the Peter Pan experience in real time, Pre-School Mastermind might be the answer to all of your arrested development prayers. Started by early-education graduate/artist/child-life guru Michelle Joni, Mastermind is the world’s first day-care atmosphere for adults. The course features all the old favorites from your pre-K days, like finger painting, naptime, musical chairs, dress-up and show-and-tell. Joni’s classes meet weekly, have ten students, and aren’t cheap: the price of a Preschool Mastermind course is determined by a sliding scale, staring at $333 and going all the way to $999 (students decide which amount they feel most comfortable with). Cost aside, the classes have been pretty popular and Joni is currently accepting applications for the Fall course on her site so check out the video below for your intro into playtime for big kids (different than that other playtime…chill).

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