Louis Had The Last Word, But Zayn Won WW1D

Ever since Zayn Malik quit being part of manufactured British boy band One Direction, things between him and ex-bandmate Louis Tomlinson have gotten ugly, ending a friendship so legendary that it had its own nickname: Zoius. Maybe it’s because they were constantly together on tour, but it seemed like the two did everything together.

They posed for pictures together:


Practiced their choke holds:


And they even smoked weed together:


But despite countless nights spent passing a blunt back and forth, when Zayn quit the band, it was like he was quitting Louis too, and there’s nothing like betrayal to ruin even the most beautiful of friendships.


Thus, World War 1D was born.

This morning, the war’s newest conflict broke out at 9:04 in the morning when producer/Zayn‘s new BFF Naughty Boy tweeted the following photo of him and Zayn hanging out:


Zayn retweeted it.

Over two hours later at 11:41, Louis, who spent the previous two hours curled up in a ball on his bathroom floor crying while looking at pictures of him and his ex-bestie, picked himself up and decided enough was enough, firing the first shot of the morning with this absolutely brutal diss:


At 11:55, Naughty Boy answers Louis‘ fire with a jab that went straight for the balls:


Taking some time to formulate a counterattack, Louis ate a sandwich, read some fan mail, and At 12:17, he sent a personalized barb right back at his nemesis.


One minute later, Zayn took to his bf’s defense and entered the battle grounds with this confusingly worded diss:

Naughty Boy Retweets it.

Two minutes later, as part of a one-two punch Naughty Boy sends one last blow to Louis:


Not wanting to be left without the last word, but lacking the strength to continue the fight, four minutes later Louis musters up a cheap shot, but ultimately fails to add any fuel to the fire.


The fighting may be done for the day, but we clearly haven’t seen the end of World War 1D.  Let’s just hope Louis ups his game a little – Zayn’s a natural at modern Twitter warfare.

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