This photoshoot is from your Jane Fonda workout video dreams

We all love the 80s.

We all love the music, the interior design, the hair – the list goes on. 

Most importantly, we all really love the iconic workout videos and workout fits from the 80s.

Who ever decided that 80’s workout gear was no longer okay in the world?! We kind of left the 80s fashion in the 80s until recent years (other than American Apparel, RIP).

Now, stores everywhere are selling bike shorts and scrunchies and portable, reusable water bottles. Hello, talk about accessible fashion. 80s workout fashion is reasonable, comfortable, and can be styled in a million ways. Aka, case and point, we should’ve never let the 80s workout fashion die when American Apparel did.

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I often wish we could go back in time to the 80s, when working out was glamorous as hell. Instead of wearing printed nylon leotards with matching scrunchies to the gym, everyone’s wearing oversized, stained tees and workout leggings that wore out years ago. Yes, the latter is more comfortable – but, the former is just so…extra. And extra is a vibe.

Think no one agrees with me? You’re wrong!

Photographer, Carianne Older, wants to keep the 80s workout nostalgia alive. Carianne took us back in time with her Galore-esque workout video and photoshoot that she recently shot! We are so excited to share both with you exclusively here.

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Ditch your exercise ball and grab a disco ball instead! Check out the video below.

Photographer/Director: Carianne Older

Videographer: Forest Royer

Model: Sarah Lermsider

Set Design: Chelsea Finkel

Makeup: Sheila Springer

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