Work It Out: 4 Sexy Ways To Work Off That Thanksgiving Flab!

Oh Thanksgiving! The pumpkin pie, the potatoes, the stuffing. The freshman fifteen that inevitably occurs whether you are in your first year of college or first year of retirement. Well, obviously you are not about to forgo the wonders of the Thanksgiving feast, so there is only one option left if you want to avoid becoming Kim K during her ninth month of pregnancy. As someone who despises exercise, I am sorry to have to be the one to break the news that if you want to maintain your fashionable figure, you will have to work out. If you are someone who doesn’t even like lifting a stack of plates into the dishwasher, you are not alone. But exercise doesn’t have to be a mindless, boring exhaust of energy. It can be fun and sexy too. So here are four of the sexiest workouts you can do to burn away all of that Thanksgiving fabulousness.

1. Strip Aerobics: Admit it, strippers have some of the hottest bodies. And how could they not? With all of that hip shimmying, ass shaking and bending over and backwards, they are getting more than enough cardio to supplement any butter overkill they might indulge in. Strip aerobics combines a slew of sexy moves like floor squats and back bends that will simultaneously bring out your kinky side while strengthening your thighs and heart. No wonder Carmen Electra and Lucy Liu swear by it. 34qurd5 2. Ballet: A favorite of the Victoria’s Secret set, this workout, created by former ballerina Mary Helen Bowers is sure to give you the sleek ballet muscles of a professional dancer. The great thing about this workout? It feels like you are just dancing and not even exercising! Who doesn’t like dancing? Break out the tutu. MG_3280_03-e1360699625681 3. Pole Dancing: Pole dancing takes some serious abdominal strength. It also strengthens the arms and legs because honestly, staying up there on that pole is a lot more difficult than it looks! Writhing around on a pole will make anyone feel sexy and confident and in control. After all, a beautiful woman spinning around on a pole? All eyes on her please! pole-dancing 4. Naked Yoga: There is no better way to get in touch with your body then working out naked. Yoga is already a good way to entwine your body, mind and soul, by contorting and flexing while meditating on soothing music and mantras. But, as well all know, everything looks and feels better naked. NakedYoga05

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